She's not a wood.

     In the woods. 

~Prium and Miargos/ Vulcan and Athena~


Her throat almost bursted open by the pitch of her shriek. Without thinking, Miargos hurried to her and held her from behind, wrapping his arms around her, his arms brushing the base of her titties as he pulled her back. 

"Stay behind me."

He finally let go of her and looked away immediately at the Lion. He seemed like the intermediary between Prium and the Lion. Or say, the barrier. 

He stood in the way of the lion, few inches away. His eyes bulging at his socket. The young lion growling and moving in thoughtful sequence. 

"Do you want to get yourself killed?"

She called at him but he didn't respond though a silly smile escaped his lips. Who smiles at the face of death? Probably her concern about him loosened a nut in his brain. 

As the lion closed in the space between the both of them, Miargos began to move in a

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