Dice turned.

   After few hours. 

~Prium and Miargos~

"I couldn't believe that we are still alive."

Prium let out finally, walking side by side with Miargos. She looked at the ridge bordering the rift few metres behind them. She looked back at the front. 

"If you've actually trusted me on so many things, things wouldn't had gotten this worst. But of course you have your reason for whatever you do and I wouldn't ridicule that."

He maintained, shooting her just a quick glance. 

"Are you trying to be sweet and mushy now? Sucks."

She growled and he chuckled.  

'"But seriously, what was that thing. For a moment, it seemed as though I was in some myth told by the sages and poets."

"You don't think all the creatures discussed by writers are real?"

"I didn't. But after seeing that creepy creature, there's actually nothing to disbelief or doubt."

There was a brief silence,

"But your dad used

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