Strange desires...

     In the woods. 

~Tahni and Ayla~

"Have you heard of the latest discovery I made?"

Ayla spun the circlular soft substance on which she was lying, floating through the lake, around, in the direction of Tahni who was just beside her. 

The both of them were sunning up their skins, basking in the tingling rays of the sassy sun. The object they each were lying on was like a ring of large balloon made to float on water. Twas just like the present day inflated donut balloon - the floating swimming device for the pleasure of the interested. 

"You've been keeping majority of them to you lately. And I don't really want to talk to you. Not after preventing me from to going to see what that explosion we heard few days ago was about."

Tahni argued, looking towards the other direction. She couldn't be sure what Ayla was up to. But the magic was that, the both of them were floating at the same proportion. Not one balloon fa

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