Gladiators I

   The Royal Hall. 


"Long live Athena, and her king."

The three kings bent their backs forward in a gentle bow as Athena and Vulcan walked into the royal hall. 

Twas a large building within the great walls of the palace and had only a single room. The room was lit up in the golden rays of the standing lamps which were arranged at the corners of the room. 

There was a large table in the heart of the room around which there were long benches for whoever saw it fit to sit. 

There were numerous jars of mead lined on the table and wooden plates of steaks and venison. Rarely steaks, more venison. 

"To what do we owe this visit?"

Athena got to them and sat one of the two chairs at the edge of the table. The three kings sat back down, standing behind them were thirty hefty men of different stature and forms, dressed in straps and belts. Most parts of their bodies, like chests, backs and le

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