The queen and her king...

    After the war. 

"Gather around."

The lady with a baby who was the first to see Athena called at those who were still alive. She yet had her hand to the wound. Her other hand to the back of her daughter's head. Athena was standing next to her. In the heart of the market square. 

The people had gathered around. Several of those alive were casualties; some lightly and some heavily wounded. None of them was barely wounded. 

Vulcan or say the new and hot Vulcan was standing with Ayla next to him. There were yet a lot of things to figure about his new self but he was certain that time was the best tester. He would be tested. Himself and Ayla were standing at the very front where Athena would never leave their sight. 

"I know I am in no place to summon you all, because after all, who am I? And what worth do the words of a lady have, let alone a dying one. But please listen to me."

One of the men who was badly wound

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