~The King and his Queen~

"Who are you?!!!"

For the first time, came a deep, thick, and slightly fuzzy voice from wine. Vulcan and his lover turned to their back. Twas the king of Aiowa, probably seeking an attention or meaning, to bring the insolvent peace and quiet to a halt. 

The king of Aiowa walked out of the hollowed space towards the front and nodded slightly to Vulcan, eating up Athena with a slightly contemptuous gaze; a gaze stalked by tons of questions. 

"And who are you too?!"

This question was directed to the archetype Athena in the heart of the arena.

"What did you mean by the first question? Are you doubting the authenticity of my queen?"

Vulcan argued, his ogle pacing the grim face of the king of Aiowa. But both of them were deprived of they comeback as they all heard a sudden wail from the heart of the arena. 

Everyone turned in that direction, even the crowds caug

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