"She bewitched him...Arrrgh!"

     At the Palace. 

"Where is that bitch."

Came the thunderous as well as pressured shout coming out of the palace. Entered through the door was Prium, with long face and blunt reaction hurrying towards the throne. You would think that she had been hired to kill at sight. 

But at once, she choked on all her advances and rage and shouts as soon as she noticed the man on the throne and the lady seated next to him. She didn't even bother looking at Ayla nor Tahni who were standing opposite the throne but in parts. She hurried instead towards the throne. 

But the guards before the throne reached out there spears to the middle and made an X-shaped barrier, preventing her from advancing forward. 

"We now have limits, you can't just go up to father of your own freewill anymore."

Prium's jaws dropped at Tahni's comment as she looked away from the young man on the throne to Tahni. She walked towards Tahni instead,<

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