Some twist...

    On a road. 

"It's feels good now. Don't you think?"

Tahni said looking at the path up ahead of them. Ayla made a sound in her throttle and nodded her head without saying a thing. 

The both of them were walking back to their former house. Yes! Former. The return of Athena had changed everything. And now they wouldn't have to live in hide anymore. 

Therefore, they had been sent by the King and Queen to go fetch their sister, Prium. None of them could really explain why Athena was so eager to want to see her. Prium of all people. 

Tahni felt like when Athena discovers who Prium really was, probably, her interest would change. Or come to think of it, who knows? She might had change due to the magic rain which had made the forest greener and richer. 

Even on their way, they had seen some new creatures on the trees. Creatures they had never seen before. 

Tahni looked at Ayla. The latter hadn't see

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