Wave of Rebellion

     In the woods. 

"Hey pretty."

Prium heard a group of men calling at her. When she left the palace and was walking towards the forest, she had noticed that the men were coming behind her but she had thought that they were only going of their own wills but now that they had called at her. 

She didn't want to stop and she didn't. She didn't even look back. She hastened her pace instead. There was only one thing she could think of, giving by the account of what Tahni and Ayla told father the previous day. Rape. Molestation or more like it. 

"We won't harm you, stop."

One of the men called again. Prium's legs were trembling as she walked on. But at the call on the last man, she stopped walking. But before turning to  face them, she fixed her face,

"Who told you that I'm scared of you all? Even if you plan on hurting me, it would only end as a wish."

She feigned, turning to them. Her face now long and

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