Why so annoying, Prium, why?!!!

     Inside the tree. On a bed. 

"Do not say a thing."

Vulcan's voice authoritative, yet tampered with compassion and concern. His eyes tracing the curves of Ayla's face. She was lying on the bed. 

Prium was seating on one of the stools in the room to the end of the space by the entrance. She was reading indifferently from a scroll. 

Vulcan didn't know why she had come into Ayla's room if she knew she wasn't going to be of any help to her. The Prium lady could be some big big dick. 

Occasionally she would look away from the scroll up to see where on Ayla's body, Vulcan's  hand was touching. You could tell even without an expertise that jealousy was her reason for being in the room. 

But Vulcan didn't know why she was still persistent. He had made himself clear to her several minutes ago. He wished he could send her away but that would be ridiculous. He couldn't do that. He didn't have the mind for

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