The spaceship gradually accelerated, leaving the battlefield behind in the dark deep space.

   "Please pay attention, the space jump is about to start." With the prompt sound, the roar of the spacecraft's engine suddenly increased by an order of magnitude, and the hull began to shake violently, and it seemed that it might fall apart at any time. He was still immersed in a strange emotion, his chest tightened, his heart beat hard, and there were bursts of throbbing pain. Since integrating that data, he feels that his core programs are unstable, and there will be unexpected changes all the time.

   He closed his eyes and wanted to calm down for a while, but in front of him was the lone fighter jet rushing forward brazenly. It was only then that he remembered a question. The spaceship in front of him can fully hold four people. Why didn't the doctor come up and go together? In a blink of an eye, he knew it was a stupid question. The doctor must be very aware of the performance of this spaceship, and he is also very clear that he will not be able to escape the enemy's interception before starting the space jump. If the two of them escape together, they must die.

   But he wanted to go a step further: in the absence of the supreme authority holder, the Doctor's order was an irresistible order for him. The doctor can escape by himself in a spaceship, and let him drive a fighter to entangle the enemy. As an experimental body of a deep space fighter, although he only learned the basics of air combat technology, he has completely and perfectly mastered all the basics. When it comes to the battlefield, even if it is not as good as the Doctor King's level, if he just drags the enemy aircraft group, he thinks he can still do it. However, the Ph.D. doesn't seem to have considered the second option at all.

   At this time, the roar of the spaceship engine reached a peak, and suddenly turned into a delicate and soft sound wave. The front is no longer an empty darkness, but light strips appear. The front end of the ship began to stretch and twist, and everything seemed to be softening. Countless space-related knowledge emerged in his mind, and a question flashed: How can such a small spaceship withstand space jumps? ! Before his alarm clock had the final answer, his vision went black and he lost consciousness.

   After an unknown amount of time, bursts of calls gradually pulled his consciousness back from the darkness: "The space jump is completed, reaching the target star field, jump deviation: zero."

   Zero deviation? He suddenly woke up. How can there be zero deviation in long-distance space jumps, unless star gates have been built at both ends. However, when jumping, it clearly did not pass through the star gate. He moved his body a bit, but luckily all parts were conscious, but his heart was beating so fast that his consciousness wasn't awake enough. He knew that this was a sequelae of space jumping, and overall he felt that it was acceptable.

   He looked out the window, and a planet appeared in his field of vision, with large purple spots on the dark red surface. Under the magnificent appearance, I don't know what the planet's environment is like. However, since the doctor has set this place as the end of the route, it should be a survivable planet.

   At this time, the prompt sounded again: "The hull separation procedure is started, and the separation is completed. The countdown of the hull self-destruction procedure."

   With a slight pop, the cockpit popped out, separating from the hull. The micro-engine attached to the cockpit immediately started, propelling the cockpit towards the planet. The separated hull began to silently explode, burn, and instantly turned into wreckage. I don't know how long it will take to find these floating debris in the universe. More likely, it will never be discovered until it becomes cosmic dust. After separation, he discovered that the ejected cockpit turned out to be a complete rescue capsule. And the hull of the spaceship has long been damaged after jumping through space. It is a miracle that such a small spaceship can withstand the torture of space shuttle.

   He thought that this was just thrown away from the hull. It doesn't seem like it needs to be blown up so thoroughly, right? After the explosion of the hull, the largest fragment is only the size of a palm. The rescue capsule gradually approaches the planet, enters orbit, and falls toward the planet's surface. The vibration of the cabin became more and more severe, and the outside of the porthole was red in the blink of an eye. Seeing this scene, he was relieved. With an atmosphere, it means that it may be a habitable planet. No matter what the atmosphere contains, it is at least better than a barren world with no air at all.

   The rescue capsule is like a meteor, rapidly approaching the earth. After penetrating the outer atmosphere, the braking engine starts to slow down the rescue capsule. It's just that his luck doesn't seem to be very good. There is a storm in the planet's atmosphere, and the rescue capsule slammed into the storm. He felt the world was spinning immediately, and the last fuel in the brake engine was exhausted in a blink of an eye. The rescue capsule lost power, like a rock, ups and downs in the storm, and finally tilted and fell to the ground. After a while, he finally recovered from the dizziness after the shock. He tried to move his body and felt that there was no major damage to his bones, so he reached out and pulled the red emergency switch.

The    switch is only halfway pulled and stuck there. "Warning! The outside air is outside the breathable range. It is not recommended to open the hatch."

   He ignored the warning and pulled the switch hard. With a bang, the hatch flew out under the action of a small amount of explosives and landed on the ground. He crawled out of the rescue capsule and looked around. Judging from the lush vegetation around it, this is obviously a planet where life can survive, and it is full of vitality. What's more, the air composition here, although beyond the breathable range, still has about 10% oxygen. For those who have not been trained in deep space survival, or who have only completed basic survival skills, such an environment cannot survive. If you achieve advanced survival training, you can barely breathe. Of course, the toxic components such as a large amount of sulfur in the air must be ignored. But as an experimental subject, he can breathe such air.

   After he took a deep breath of the planet's air, he suddenly felt an indescribable ease, and an indescribable feeling, should this feeling be called freedom? Freedom is not without a price, the price is the life that the Doctor paid for it. He began to wonder, wondering why the Doctor would do this. Maybe, just because of the name Chu Jungui?

   He suddenly remembered that the Doctor had given him something when they parted, and it was still lying in his pocket. He took the thing out of his pocket and found it was a silver-coated glass plate, that's all. His brain circuit worked for a while before he remembered what was in his hand. A mirror, the most common mirror. He knows what a mirror is, but this knowledge is common sense downloaded through the data interface, and he has never seen the real thing. Haven't seen a mirror? He was startled again.

  Without routine memory data cleaning, many things will gradually become clear. It was only then that he remembered that it seemed that he had never seen a mirror before. In other words, he doesn't know what he looks like yet. He had never thought about what was wrong with it before, just as he had never doubted the truth of the world. For some reason, the small mirror in his hand suddenly became extremely heavy.

   He raised the mirror and finally saw himself. In the mirror is a young, handsome, stubborn and childish face, looking about sixteen or seventeen years old. The point is, this face is exactly the same as the face of the teenager who entered his alarm clock memory stream through the information! He suddenly panicked, and the young man in the mirror looked a little flustered, and even his subtle expressions were the same as inputting memory data! For a split second, he even doubted his identity, and he didn't know whether he was the will of the experimental subject or the will of the boy in his memory.

  He and Chu Jun return, who is who? Or, are the two of them one and the same? He suddenly remembered that there was also a mission data package downloaded along with the escape route in the data area. It couldn't be opened at the time, but now that it has reached the destination, it should be able to open, right? He called up Mission 44 in the data storage area, and with a single touch, it was successfully unlocked.

  The image of Dr. Chu appeared in the horizon. The doctor was still as unsmiling, and subconsciously tidied up his collar. It seems he was a little nervous and concerned about his appearance when the video was recorded. In the video, Dr. Chu was silent for a moment before slowly opening his mouth:

"Jun Gui, I know you will have a lot of questions, and I know what you want to ask. Unfortunately, I can't give you the answers to these questions right now. Maybe one day in the future, you can find these answers yourself. Now, I have A legal identity is arranged for you, which is in the data given to you. After you return to the civilized world, you can go to Yueyongxing in Xinzheng Kingdom to find your grandfather there. After that, you can follow your own thoughts and ideas. Live your life willingly, no one will arrange anything for you, and no one will give you instructions."

   "If..." The doctor hesitated before he finally shook his head and said, "That's it, I'm not important."

  The image ends here. Is this the end? He didn't expect the task to be so simple. Just then, a new packet appeared and started loading automatically. Inside the data packet is a complete set of personally identifiable information, all of which are standard data interfaces. Any government agency with jurisdiction can conduct query verification. As Dr. Chu's image disappeared, another program started to clean out his area of ​​consciousness. This is a deep cleanup, even rewriting some of the underlying algorithms. He didn't resist, knowing that this was the Doctor's last gift. Although I don't understand what this procedure is going to do, the doctor will not harm him.

  As the program ran, the mechanical stereotypes that were biased towards the program were gradually eliminated in his thinking, and some weird ideas that had never appeared before emerged one by one. By the time the cleaning program had finished running, he knew that from that moment on, he would think more like a real human than an artificial intelligence program. He is the return of Chu Jun. He wanted to take another look at the doctor, for no reason, he just wanted to take another look. The only thing the Doctor left in this world may be this image. But when he searched the memory area again, he found that all the data related to the doctor and the base had disappeared, and it had disappeared so completely that not even the slightest clue was left.


   There was a faint answer in his heart. Perhaps, this was the doctor who asked him to cut off the history belonging to the experimental body and live as a real person from now on. No matter how many times he tried, he couldn't recover the deleted data and had to give up. At this time, a flashing red light caught his attention. It was the indicator light of the wreckage of the rescue capsule, indicating that the remaining energy had bottomed out and all energy would soon be lost.

  Chu Jungui only realized his situation at this time. He was on a strange planet and could barely be included in the ranks of habitable planets. But behind the prosperity, it also means many unknown risks. Diseases, beasts, and even enlightened natives could kill him at any time. Now the first thing, he has to live here.

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