Herald of Vengeance

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Herald of Vengeance

By: Sher Reev OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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When he returned from the pits of prison, everyone who had a hand in his downfall shall bite their fingers in regret. No matter what. No matter who. The syndicate, the rich son of a bitch who made these all happen, and the woman who was supposed to be his love forever. They shall all face the wrath of his revenge. When Hermes Henshaw returned from prison, the only woman he loved had left him for the greatest enemy he had in the world. And with her had gone the last remaining part of his former self. Now he must take vengeance on all those who took everything away from him. One by one, bits by bits, he should rip them apart until nothing is left of them. But when he discovers a secret about himself, would he succumb to the fact that in the end, he might just become the very monsters he sacrificed everything to defeat.

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145 chapters
"Okay, Tiger. That's it! You're free to go now".The officer patted Hermes as he signed the last piece of documents. "Obviously". Turning over the stack of papers, Hermes glared grimly at his jailer, then his eyes shifted to the cuffs which lay lonely on the counter before him.Those twin shackles were going to miss the feel of his wrists. The edge of his lips curled upwards, and the gruesome look on his handsome yet pinched face faded into a slight smile. He was free at last!Three years it had been since he first felt the pain of being a prisoner. He could still remember the life he had before he was jailed, the love he had. It was all perfect. Then he was suddenly arrested, manhandled and put behind bars.His life was taken away from him, everything he had, everything he loved. They all dissapeared with the pass of a single judgement, in the twinkle of an eye.But now, life had presented to him another chance. As he took his steps towards the exit door, his exit to freedom, his he
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The Wedding
"I can't tell you that, bro". Zeid stepped on the gas, he was not going to have that conversation. This infuriated Hermes who was more than desperate to witness the said wedding. He still could not believe the story he heard from Zeid. He had to talk to Haisley, he had to listen to her side of the mystery."Where will the wedding be held?" He asked again, his voice resoundingly brutal. He was losing his cool and Zeid could feel it.Ever since Zeid told Hermes of Haisley's betrayal, he had noticed a change of spirit in his friend. Something felt off about him, and not just for that moment, it really seemed that the last three years had changed a whole lot about Hermes.He had always been the boy with the great musclular features, same as Zeid, but now Hermes seemed to have added a little more detail to his resume.His gaze was much more tense now, his demeanour was much colder, and his anger was so real that a person would not like to be on his bad note. Despite this however, Zeid was
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The Mafia
"Why?" Hermes struggled as he tried to maintain his cool. His eyes were bloodshot as the hair on his skin rose in an instant, his veins were bulging and his expression said it all - he was heartbroken by the sight before him."Why have you done this?" He repeated, his eyes fixed on the woman he had hoped to spend the rest of his life with, but who now belonged to another man. "Why?"Haisley did not seem moved by his obvious downcast and troubled appearance, she only hissed in a passionless tone while wearing a straight face. "Shouldn't I be asking you that? Huh? Hermi? Why have you decided to ruin the happiest day of my life? Shouldn't you have just hide away from me forever out of shame? Why did you have to show up here?""What? The happiest day of your life?!" Hermes could not believe those words he heard. Was that not the Haisley he knew? How could getting married to that bastard be so special to her. So much that she would not give a damn about Hermes and his feelings, or the time
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Who Gave You The Ring?
It seemed as if the drug lord had suddenly seen something out of the ordinary. His eyes were lit and his gaze was kindled, beaming and flicking as the fires in them heightened forcefully.He moved a bit towards Hermes, his eyes fixed on the shining metal around his finger."Is it what I think it is?" He uttered aloud while closing in on Hermes who was prepared for any eventuality. Hermes had the strength of a grizzly bear coupled with the swiftness of a cat when it came to physical combat. With his fingers wrapped in a fist, he was ready for war."Where did you get that from?" The old man asked after taking a long dreadful look at the ring."Why are you stopping?" Derek screeched in response, getting impatient. To Hermes, the question pulled no levers. The identity of the one who gifted him that ring was to be kept secret and sacred no matter what. He was not going to give it up to some big bad drug baron. Derek was not interested in any tale Hermes had got to tell, he just wanted
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Out of Fear
All through the ride back from the wedding, Zeid would not allow a moment of peace and silence. He was flustered at what he saw earlier and didn't stop blurting it out. "What was that, man? Where'd you learn that from? You were throwing punches at them goons like a pro! They give sparing classes back there in them cells? I should probably kill someone and get thrown in jail."He glanced briefly at Hermes then he chuckled. "No offense bro. And what was that thing you said that time? Dumb bitch fucks a dumbass? Uhh? Remind me, man!"He sneered again at Hermes who was in no mood to answer his piled up questions no matter how many times he repeated them."Come on, man." He pestered, "One day, if I got in trouble, then I might escape like you did today.""I didnt escape!" Hermes cut in at this point, his voice sour as he closed his eyes."What do you mean? A bullet would be living in your brain by now if...""Look behind us." Hermes cut in again, his eyes still closed.Staring through the
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Who Sent You?
The two men slid off their car and sprinted towards the vehicle which they had been trailing after for a while. Everywhere was silent, it was just a small narrow road and no one passed around much. Wide enough for only one car to pass at a time and stuck between tall abandoned house buildings, the place was just an abandoned area where no one even deemed fit for transport anymore. Only the red vehicle stood in the middle of the road. With it's two front doors open and no one in sight.The men walked stealthily towards the vehicle, each man to the either side of the car with their pistols clad in their grasps in case of any surprise.When they were close enough, they could see that the car was empty. "There's no one!""They should be close, let's look around."The former nodded and they parted ways to opposite sides of the road. As they moved into the crevices of the close tall buildings, each man knew that he only had his own back from now on. And Hermes smiled from where he hid, t
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He Has To Die
"Hey, Brad. You were supposed to update me. What is the stuff now? Is he dead?"Hearing that, Hermes heaved a sigh of disappointment. He suspected it, but he didn't want to believe. She wouldn't go to that extent, he thought. She might be greedy for riches, but she still cared about him. At least a little.He was wrong afterall."Brad's dead". Hermes breathed into the phone. "Mission failed."He sighed as he waited for a response. But the voice seemed to be too shocked to reply."You said you were suprised to see me, but it seems you already had my death planned out in wait." He said, then sighed again. "You never forgot, you knew I was coming. Yet, you went ahead to marry him. You sent men after me."His voice seemed to shake now. It turned out he still had his emotions bottled up for her and she had managed to make him sad again."Are you even listening?" He screamed into the phone."So what?"The cold feminine voice had all it took to make a man shudder. It was sharp, uncompromised
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The Food Thief
Hermes and Danny rode quietly around the streets of Twillightoria in Danny's Impreza car. The night was breezy and the cold winds kissed their skins as the car moved blisteringly along the road.Hermes was still in thoughts and the coldness of the ride struggled to make his thoughts freeze. He could not just stop trying to comprehend Zeid's words. Of course, it was not a good thing to resume his new life out of cuffs with fights and killings. It was not ever even in his plans.His initial plans were only to come out of prison and rekindle the love he once had while living a new life. But that love had blown away in his absence, and even if he wanted to ignore that fact, Haisley seemed to be desperate in reminding him."What you thinking?"Danny's voice was as far as the night moon hiding behind the large tall mansions far away from them, it was also farther than the sound of the blowing breeze. Hermes could only hear the inherent growl that usually accompanied his voice but he couldn
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Home Sweet Home
As the car reclined to a stop, Hermes pulled out of the vehicle. He took a long look at the little house before them. It was the place he had decided to spend the night, the place he had spent most of his other nights until three years ago. Old and faint in his memory, the familiar sight was a delight."Are you certain?" Asked Danny from inside the car."Why not?" Hermes scoffed in suprise, "Do you have any idea how long I have waited for tonight?"He then looked back at Dan. "Haisley was important? Yes, but she wasn't the most important woman in my life. That woman in there is the most important! She wouldn't 'dump' me to see a rich man or something like that. She has been waiting for so long and she would keep waiting for as long as I am away. But today, her wait is over."Danny seemed a bit irritated with Hermes' heartfelt speech. "Well well, I know your mother will be happy to see you. I guess I'll be on my way then since I don't have a mother".Kicking the car to a start, he wave
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In Caveliona
"You have a very beautiful sister. A nice lad she really is, very good to her mother. Oh! And your mother is gorgeous too." Rachel said delightfully. Hermes could not find the words. He just sat there, still amazed by the suprise that had awaited his return from prison. What? His mother didn't live here anymore? Haisley stayed with her when he was in prison? What other thing did he not know about?All these questions roamed in his heart when Jack's voice ringed in his ears again from a distance. "Mrs Henshaw said her son was in the army, and that it would take a long while before you find the space to return home. How are things over there? I heard the barracks is a tough place."The army? His mother had lied about the fact that he was only a convict. Someone who was sent to prison because of a woman. The same woman who is supposedly his sister."Is it fun? I also want to be a soldier when I grow up. What do I have to do?" The little boy glimmered as he sat cross legged on the floor
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