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She would have given everything she had to him if only he had asked, if only his arrogance did not lead him to kill her. But now, her ghost has no love, her ghost is all about revenge. Funny thing is, he buried her in the same house that she built with her own money, brick by brick. Is it possible to get a good night sleep after burying your own wife in the same house you're sleeping in? What if you can't sleep, can't move out of the house and the ghost won't let you sell it either?

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Chapter 1
On the cold Christmas Eve of 1996, in the third room on the second floor of the Saint John's hospital at Burnington Hills, approximately two minutes before the clock struck at midnight, a woman in labour, supposed to have had her child three minutes earlier, was tiring the surrounding midwives screaming "Push!", All for the reason that she wanted to have a child on Christmas Day. You see, her husband was born on the twenty-third, and she was born on the twenty-fourth, so she wanted her first child, or perhaps her only child to be born on Christmas Day. Her husband was not supportive of the idea, but he stood beside her anyway, holding her hand throughout the five minutes of her stubbornness. Finally, when the bells of the church right opposite the hospital began to chime, she gave in to cooperate with the midwives and had her baby girl, an infant clothed with beauty. But just as stubbornness always come with a price, her baby made no sound of a cry like a baby should when it's brought
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Chapter 2
Later that night, the McDonagh couple were gripped in fear as Helen's condition continued to worsen. She was as cold as ice, shivering profusely with a pale-looking face. Joshua, her father, tried calling the numbers of doctors he knew, but the ones that went through would not answer his calls. Chelsea, Helen's mother, on her part, had warmed up a towel in warm water she prepared immediately they got home, and pressed it on Helen's forehead, with the hope of seeing some improvement. The two sat beside Helen for almost three hours, observing for positive changes until the clock struck at eleven later that night. Helen sat up on the bed with her back resting on the pillow that separated her back from the wall, and rubbing their shoulders gently to wake them from their quick doze, "You're supposed to be taking of me" she said breathing out heavily. Their joy was quickly restored, as they wrapped their arms around her and with tears of joy, slithering gently down their cheeks. "Easy," Hele
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Chapter 3
Thursday strolled in gently with smiling faces all-over the schools campus. The gossip on every lip was the early morning announcement that there will be a picnic in two days. Even though the date for the picnic gave less time for preparation, it was warmly embraced by the students who wanted some refreshing time to interact with nature. Initially, the picnic was meant for the fifth and sixth graders, since they were thought of as a little more responsible than the ones below them and would not be a burden. However, that year's was reshuffled a little bit. The fifth and sixth graders were informed at a much earlier date to help them prepare, and the third and fourth were delayed in order to prevent them from joining in multitudes. During recess, students spread out on the playground, engaging in all manner of activities they could think of, making sure they stayed "seven meters away from the old well at the edge of the playground", like the principal had asked them to. Just as rules we
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Chapter 4
The third-grade class arrived at their picnic site, a lush green forest with tall trees and a bubbling brook. The students were excited to spend the day outdoors, and they quickly set up their picnic tables and began to explore the area. Helen and Stephanie stuck close to Mrs. Wilson, their favourite teacher. They loved spending time with her and felt safe when they were near her. As the other students started to explore the woods, some began setting up their tents and starting campfires to cook their food. Others played games or went for hikes. Helen and Stephanie watched as the other kids ran around, laughing and having fun. They felt a bit left out but were glad to be spending the day with their friends. Mrs. Wilson noticed the girls looking a bit lost and took them by the hand. "Come on, let's go explore the woods," she said. "We can look for some wildflowers or maybe even some animals." The girls perked up at the idea of exploring and eagerly followed Mrs. Wilson into t
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Chapter 5
Sunday morning had come, and the breakfast table was set with an array of delicious food that Mrs. Wilson had prepared while Helen slept. Her parents had agreed to her sleeping over at Mrs. Wilson's the night before, and she was expected to be home before Monday morning. The aroma was all-over the place, and even succeeded in slithering down Helen's nostrils and into the dream she was having about a unicorn. She sprang up with much adrenaline, and with calculated soundless steps, hid behind the door to observe Mrs. Wilson, humming her favourite song as she set the table for breakfast."Why do I get the feeling that somebody is watching me from a different helenverse?" Mrs. Wilson joked when she heard Helen mistakenly make a sound.Helen walked up gently towards her, and as she gave her a hug and greeted "Good morning", Mrs. Wilson noticed how much her focus was on the meal set on the table, "Ah, ah, ah," she said "Not until you try out the new brush I bought for you."The little girl s
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Chapter 6
It was six in the evening when a red car pulled up in front of the McDonagh's house. There was no sound of a horn, perhaps it would have interrupted the sleep of a little princess, for in the backseat, Helen was soundly asleep. Mrs. Wilson stepped out of the car and gently shut the door behind her. Mr. and Mrs. McDonagh had been waiting for them in the front after Mrs. Wilson gave them a call fifteen minutes earlier, so they came out to meet her, and exchanged greetings."Thank you so much Mrs. Wilson." Helen's mother said to her as they broke out of a hug. "Oh Ma'am, it's no big deal." Mrs. Wilson replied and smiled "You know, Helen is like a daughter to me, I'll do anything for her. Thanks for letting me spend time with her.""We should be thanking you," Mr. McDonagh interrupted, bringing in his own share of gratitude, "if there's anyone here worthy of thanks, it really should be you. She talks about you all the time, you're like a fairy godmother, and we know she's always safe arou
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Helen woke up to the sound of her alarm buzzing on her phone. She rubbed her eyes and reached for her glasses, putting them on to check the time. It was 6:00 AM, and she had to be at the university by 8:00 AM for her first class. It was hard to believe that time had flown by so fast. It felt like just yesterday that she was in high school, studying for exams and dreaming of going to university. But now, at the age of 20, she was finally here. She had saved up all her money from part-time jobs during high school and invested some in stocks. With a little help from her parents, she had enough money to buy her own house near Megaminds University, the dream school she was finally a student of. It was a small and cosy house, but it was hers, and she was proud of it. Just a week ago when she announced to her parents that she was going to move into her new home and experience life on her own, the tears of joy that flooded their eyes were like the sea on a rainy day. Her mother's unbeara
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Their friendship had lasted only for three days, when Alex invited Helen to a birthday party at a friend's house. It was going to be a fun-filled day with new people to meet, delicious food to eat, and exciting games to play, and she couldn't wait for the day to come. It was a new neighbourhood for her, and the last thing on her mind was to be alone in her room doing nothing but eating pop corns and watching TV solo. She spent a good chunk of her afternoon getting ready for the party with the intention of wanting to look her best for Alex and the other guests. She could not tell for what reason her heart wanted her to impress Alex, but ever since they met, one side of her had been the happiest whilst the other side kept telling her not to.trust him. The most annoying thing to be is confused when someone like Alex was around her, trying every second to make her smile. There were a couple of times when she felt so much like she knew him, or that whatever they did together had happened b
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It was a Wednesday afternoon, and Helen sat on the edge of her bed, phone pressed against her ear as she chatted with Stephanie and their second best friend, and once favourite teacher, Mrs Wilson, on a conference call. "He's just amazing," she gushed about her new friend Alex. "We've been hanging out a lot, and he's shown me around the city. He's even taken me to meet some of his friends." Mrs. Wilson's tone suddenly turned panicked. "Helen, you need to be careful. You barely know this boy. Have you done a background check on him? Has he introduced you to his family?" Helen rolled her eyes, dismissing her teacher's worries. "Relax, Mrs Wilson. He's a nice guy, and I can take care of myself. Plus, he promised to help me find a job." "Oh, that's great," Mrs Wilson said, sounding relieved. "Is he cute?" Stephanie, who was getting a manicure at the moment and was struggling to focus, finally spoke up. "I won't say he's charming, but he's one hell of a comedian. I can't even stop myse
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A couple of weeks into her part-time job and school, Helen was having a private 9PM study as her custom was, when suddenly her phone rang. At first, she refused to answer the call because she had just fifteen minutes left to wrap up, and she had spent almost twenty minutes of the one hour, struggling to focus. Her thoughts had been preoccupied with things related to Alex and work. Alex, the hero who used to rescue her from boredom and give her stomach aches from laughter, was now bugging her thoughts. It wasn't all bad things, just a couple of times like six or seven days in a row when he'd refuse to speak to her, by giving excuses like he had to pay her mother a visit claiming she was unwell, but whenever Helen asked to go see her together with him, the tone with which he rejected her kind gesture was one indicating unfriendliness. Sometimes during lectures he was nowhere to be found, his attitude towards everything and everyone changed all of a sudden, causing Helen to worry
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