Xavier : Mr. Extraordinary

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Xavier : Mr. Extraordinary

By: Haylee Cullen OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Xavier Walters is a secret agent who is famous for always completing missions perfectly. His nickname is Mr. Extraordinary. However, now he gets a new mission that is more extreme than the previous missions. Will Xavier complete this new mission as perfectly as before?

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Chapter 1 : New Mission
Xavier sat on the sofa while enjoying his warm chocolate. He stared intently at the direction of the news broadcast on the television in his luxury apartment."This morning, New York City. The government is reportedly investigating the case of an unreasonable increase in land prices. Reportedly, it was caused by the Mafia land.”The handsome man with a tall, well-built body took the cell phone off the table. He smiled crookedly when he received a message that made him have to leave the apartment now.New York City was packed that day; the streets were filled with cars and people on the move. Xavier was driving his luxury car leisurely when he entered a building that looked like a typical company.Xavier entered through the back door; he just left his car in the parking lot. His presence was acknowledged by several people wearing all-black formal attire and carrying identity cards.There weren't many people inside the building; maybe from outside the building
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Chapter 2 : Approaching the target
Xavier turned around, and he was quite surprised when he saw that the woman was actually behind him."Relax," she continued as she approached Xavier and held out her hand, "Olivia Rodriguez. Woman you were with last night, if you remember."Xavier returned the helping hand while smiling kindly and saying, "I'm Jacob Brown.""Finally, I know your name. Alright, Jacob, living here isn't free. You are mine from now on; I bought you from them," Olivia replied with a bright smile.Xavier couldn't stop thinking about the woman in front of him right now. When viewed closely, Olivia didn't look like a woman who had a bad aura—quite the opposite. She looks very friendly and sweet, like women in general."What can I do for you?" Xavier asked, still with a friendly smile, "As a token of gratitude, I will be loyal to madam."Olivia stepped closer to Xavier while wrapping her arms around the man's neck. She smiled seductively and said, "No need to do anything; just
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Chapter 3 : Rebellion plan
"Who did you bring, Rodriguez?" asked one of the two men."My fiancé, that I told you about yesterday," Olivia replied as she drew closer to Jacob. She let go of the hug from Jacob's hands and walked closer to the monitor, saying, "Don't worry, he won't do anything.""Alex," said one of the men there while sticking out his hand.Xavier replied, "Jacob."They simultaneously glanced at the honorable figure beside them. Xavier smiled kindly at the mayor, holding out his hand and saying, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Immanuel. I'm Jacob Brown."The man who is the mayor of the city returned Xavier's outstretched hand; he smiled kindly and said, "Nice to meet you too.""Should it be now?" asked Olivia without looking up from the monitor.Xavier stared at the monitor. He read carefully the profile of the figure displayed on the monitor. Xavier didn't know the figure, but from his name and job, he could tell that something was wrong within the government system.Seth Christopher, age 48. Min
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Chapter 4 : New Facts
All the guests stopped dancing, screams were heard very loudly filling the hall that night. A crystal chandelier that was quite large in size fell down, right after the gun sound was heard. Xavier froze in place, he saw the man named Seth survived, but his leg was crushed by the end of the lamp, while the young woman who danced with him survived because he was far from under the lamp.The situation turned dramatic; all the guests scattered, accompanied by screams of fear. Originally, Xavier was planning to leave there, but he saw Olivia, who was in an unsafe state. Suddenly, he ran to Olivia and took her to hide behind the buffet table.bang! bang!The sound of gunshots continued to be heard, along with the guests running out of the hall. From where he was hiding, Xavier could see Alex running with the crowd and escaping. Then he held Olivia's hand as he led her to leave the building through the back door."We have to get changed first!" Olivia exclaimed.Xavier looked back; seve
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Chapter 5 : Mystery of the Dungeons
Today, Olivia Rodriguez's luxurious house is deserted, because the owner is out with her aides. Xavier doesn't know what Olivia is doing out there, he is more interested in something hidden in this house.The handsome man was still in his room, he took his communication device and then called Tom, "209 in. She is not alone, in this case there is a group that was deliberately created to bring down the government.""Out. Very good information; keep watching the lady and keep us posted. If you need help, just let me know."After the communication was lost, Xavier opened his cell phone. Yesterday he drew a car created by Alex that was beyond reason. Somehow he made a car with such extraordinary innovation. However, one thing that Xavier is sure of is that this car is not just one item; there are many others.Right now the house is quiet, but that doesn't mean it's completely empty. There is still CCTV that Xavier doesn't know where it is, as well as several bodyguards who are still on
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Chapter 6 : The Real Facts
"Thanks for the compliment, Emily."Xavier turned to the beautiful woman standing with her back to the door as if she had just come. His presence was so unexpected. He looked at Emily, who looked relaxed even though Olivia was getting closer to the two of them."What about his condition?" Emily opened her mouth, but the woman didn't turn to Olivia and kept looking at Xavier while clutching her chest."His leg is broken; he's very lucky he didn't have to have it amputated," Olivia replied. The woman's cheerful face changed when she saw Xavier getting closer. "Why are you tying up my man?""Why don't you ask, how did he get here?" Emily asked back."Ah. It seems you are curious about my prisoner, honey." Olivia approached Xavier, untied his hands while helping him stand up, and hugged him tightly. "You must be sore from being tied up. Sorry, honey."Xavier didn't answer; he let Olivia hug him tightly. His gaze stabbed into Emily's pair of eyes, which still had a calm expression as
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Chapter 7 : Bright spot
"Why did he do all that? As if you guys were just puppets to him?" wondered Xavier.When Xavier asked like that, Gary's figure seemed to chuckle from where he was. He looked at Xavier with disdain."Of course it's because he's hungry for power and wealth," replied Eliana, who also started looking at Xavier with disdain. "How can they give the nickname Mr. Extraordinary to you? I think they will soon regret it.""Tch." Xavier turned around and walked away; he was about to leave the detention room but was held back by Eliana."Decide now. Join us or stick with that bastard!" cried Eliana from afar.Xavier turned around to look at Eliana, and without thinking, he replied, "Depends on what you will give in return."After that, Xavier actually stepped out of the detention room. He continued walking through the hall with a stiff expression on his face. As he was about to exit the left aisle, he ran into Emily, who was still wearing a maid outfit. The woman seemed to have been waiting
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Chapter 8 : First Plan
Emily still had a relaxed expression after hearing Xavier's request. In contrast to Alex and Eliana who looked very upset. Emily walked into the room and approached Xavier casually, "I'm not an object. Just prove that if you can get me, then you will have me. However, if you can't then just make all of that your dream.""I will never give Emily to you!" snapped Eliana.Emily only smiled faintly, now she was right in front of Xavier who was looking at her with a very deep gaze. Emily touched the corner of Xavier's injured lips with her thumb slowly, "I'll just tell you, no one has ever gotten to me."After the day's debate, Xavier decides to join Eliana and Alex. Initially, Emily was not part of them, but she only helped when they needed help, but now Emily has officially joined her sister.All means of communication between Xavier and the agency are turned off. Eliana spread the word as if Xavier had died from being caught by Olivia Rodriguez. She was forced to do all that because
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Chapter 9 : Beyond Predictions
Xavier drives the car into the next building through the back, while Emily calls Sam for emergency assistance. Xavier parked his car not far from the back gate of the building. He got out of the car with Emily, and they sneaked up on the building through the back door as well."Shall we go inside?" she asked.Xavier nodded. He took off his jacket and put it on Emily. Then he also gave Emily a gun and said, "There's an elevator at the end there; you check in the control room what happened there and why Alex didn't contact us. I'll make sure Mr. Potter and Eliana are in the hall first.""Don't let them find out about your true identity," Emily advised.At first, Emily wanted to walk away, but Xavier held her back. He pulled Emily into his arms while whispering, "Please take care of yourself." After that, Xavier released Emily, and he entered the building through the back door. Meanwhile, Emily was still silent in her place.Xavier walked carefully. He looked for the location of the
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Chapter 10 : Misunderstanding
Xavier looked at the photo in Alex's hand with a frown. The photo shows that Emily and Kenneth Stanley were indeed in a relationship. a photo where the two of them are on vacation on the beach together."This is crazy. I know Emily never fell for Mr. Stanley," Eliana interjected."This photo clearly shows that Emily and this man are in a relationship. If this wasn't all part of the mission, why is he here?" asked Alex, who started interrogating Emily."I can guess. He seems to be in love with Emily but doesn't manage to get her. So when he found out that Emily was missing, he worked with Tom to avenge Emily," Eliana explained. The woman crossed her arms; she faced her sister and asked, "Is what I said true, right?"Emily just nodded slightly. She took a deep breath. She really did not expect that all of this would happen after so long since she had not met Mr. Stanley. Emily felt uneasy because she knew that Mr. Stanley was very strong.Xavier could guess all of that from the look on
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