Hidden Fortune of the Wretched Son In-law

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Hidden Fortune of the Wretched Son In-law

By: Simrah Saeed CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After a one night stand, Logan found himself in a contract marriage with a rich heiress. He is treated like trash and looked down upon by his in-laws and everyone who doesn't know his identity for being poor and useless, not knowing that he is known as the "Blue Carter" in his own world as a Mafia leader and a secret billionaire boss with tons of fortune under his name.

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  • Simrahmademedoit



    2023-09-20 13:31:32
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    Good story author, I got so hooked that I want to keep writing. First time reading a book here and I fell in love with your book. Please update more, I am so eager to know what is going to happen after the last chapter. I appreciate you work, thank you author. keep up the good work ......️

    2023-09-20 11:28:38
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109 chapters
First encounter
From the clamouring sound of music blasting in the background and the noise of so many people, there was a look of dissatisfaction on Logan's face. He so much hate clubs! "Just one of us can be here, do I need to be here too?" he asked, loud enough for his brother seated beside him to hear. "I know you don't like places like this but you definitely have to stay for a little while, I only came to keep your company. We can't leave when we just came in, Mr Moore will think otherwise, he gave you a special invitation in here remember? And he's someone we need to complete our mission" Daryl explained. "A few more minutes and I will be out of here" Logan said with a tone of finality. Knowing the kind of person his brother is, Daryl knew that he is really going to keep to his word. Just in time, the organizer of the club showed up in front of them. "I am so sorry I am just coming to you now Blue, I hope you won't hold it against me" Mr Moore said while approaching them. Instead of reply
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The contract
"What?" Logan asked unsure of whether he heard her right or not. If she just asked him to marry her, then she's loose in the head. "Don't get me wrong, it will be a contract marriage. Your pay will be nothing less than fifty million dollars, you can negotiate if you want. I won't ask you to be my contracted husband if it's not important, you don't have money but you are good looking at least" Logan watch her verbalize her opinion with kin interest. If only she knew that he is capable of providing the money she is offering to him in ten thousand places, if only she is aware of how powerful he is, she wouldn't be able to stand in front of him and even bat her lashes. But then, he began to wonder why she will want to go into a contract marriage with a stranger at that. "I don't even know you, what makes you think that I will go into that kind of contract with you?" he asked out of the blue. "You need money, please just help me out. I don't think I can cope with this anymore, I really
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'Hi, this is Ava and here is the contract. You can go over it, if there's anything you don't like, we can change it. Do not forget, we will be meeting at the city hall to register our marriage by 2pm' That was the message she sent to Logan with a file attached to it. After going through it, everything was fair enough to him but their living arrangement wasn't mentioned. 'got it' he replied back. They will probably talk about it when they meet, it's not something he should waste his time on right now when he has things to do. Once he was done, he placed his phone in his pocket and got out of the car, walking majestically into the house. "So is there anything you need to report to me?" Logan asked Alfred on getting inside. "De Coster is still fuming about the new rules you adopted, I learnt that he is planning on an attack in form of protest. Should I take care of him before then?" Alfred asked and Logan shook his head. He had been targeted many times in the past, nothing of such c
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Meeting the in-laws
Just as predicted by Logan, at exactly fifteen minutes later, they arrived at the apartment. The both of them looked around the place. To Logan, it looks ordinary just like he wanted and to Ava, the apartment is too small. Logan entered the code and they stepped into the living room. Ava looked around, it's really small but so neat, it's hard to believe that someone lives here because of how clean it is. "There are four bedrooms in here, the first one is mine and the rest are empty. We can go check them out and you can also choose anyone you like" Ava nodded her head and followed him to the rooms. There were no much things in his room but it's tidy enough, Ava didn't end up picking someone that can't take care of himself and his environment, she is at least grateful for that. The other rooms are somehow spacious. "What do you think?" Logan questioned"Compared to mine, your place is way too small but not stuffy. I have never stayed in a place like this but I can try adjust, it's
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Married to a pauper
"Grandpa please" Ava pleaded but it fell on deaf ears. "I know you married her because you are interested in my family's wealth, do you also think that I will make you run my companies in the future just because you are holding the position of a husband? You don't even have a background" the old man screamed at Logan who was trying so hard to control himself. He doesn't have a background? What a joke! He had expected this kind of reaction from the beginning but Logan didn't know that they will despise him this much. "You don't even have a job, you are just a poor orphan who is after nothing but the money he didn't work for. You don't have a life young man, people will talk about my family if my granddaughter gets married yesterday,and I ask her to file a divorce the next day, that is the only reason I am not sending you away but do not think of running away with my family's money, you won't be in charge of anything that's huge to the company" he added loathingly then turned to Ava
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Stephen Cole
Logan almost cringed on hearing that, how will it feel working in your in-laws company? Especially the ones that doesn't like you at all. They will turn him into a puppet. "I will have to decline, don't worry, I definitely won't do menial jobs that will belittle your family's status" he replied confidently. Logan doesn't need to work in the first place, he only said that to put her mind at ease. "Okay" Ava replied and they ate silently without any of them talking until they were done. "We have to create house rules so that no one will trespass against each other, in other words, you should write list of the things you hate and like and I will also write mine. We will review them tomorrow but right now, the only thing I want to do is sleep" Logan glanced at his wrist watch the moment he said that. It was just 6:21pm, how can she want to sleep this early? "Okay, that's a good night then" he said to her, she nodded her head and left. After clearing the table and not having anything e
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The father in-law
Logan didn't know that a lot of time has passed by while he was having that conversation with Stephen. It was already past nine when he got home. He noiselessly opened Ava's door to see her sleeping peacefully in the bright room, how can she comfortably sleep with her lights on? Is she scared of darkness? Whatever it is, he is grateful he met her sleeping. Entering into his room, he pulled out of his wears, grabbed a towel and entered into the bathroom, took a cold bath. That's what he needs right now! Once he was out, he put on his night wears and climbed on the bed. He texted Alfred and Daryl the address Stephen wrote for him, asking them to meet tomorrow morning since they have a mission to complete urgently.It will be a stressful day tomorrow! The next day.... Logan came out of his room, dressed in a suit. He met Ava in the living room and they exchanged greetings! She was already dressed for work, she look astonishing in her work attire. "I am not used to doing wife duties
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The visit
"Father-in-law" Logan called trying to act as polite as he could and excused himself from their midst, leaving everyone except Daryl staring widely at his retreating figure. Father in-law? Did their boss get married by chance?"Father in-law? Is that your way of greeting an elderly person?" Mr Charles Hilton yelled. Logan imagined him hitting the table while screaming his lungs out. Both him and his wife didn't say a word yesterday when Mr Hilton senior was low blowing him. "I am sorry for being impolite" Logan voiced out, at the same time rolling his eyes. "Keep the apology to yourself, I am only getting involved with the likes of you because of my daughter. You should be thankful to her!" Mr Charles Hilton razzed wildly. Logan suppressed a scoff, that should have been said the other way round. His daughter needs Logan more than the money she is giving to him which is as good as useless to him. "My daughter left the house because of you, I am sure you took her to a suburb area whe
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Live-in son in-law
Logan paused, he briefly took a glimpse at the two older men right outside his door then walked hastily towards them. "I am sorry, I was out when you called and I tried to be here as soon as possible" he said, coming forth to get the front door opened for them to enter. After looking around like two lost puppies, they both looked at each other before glaring at Logan who didn't understand why they did so. "This is the place my granddaughter is living? Do you know how precious she is to us? Staying in this place feels like you are being confined" Logan almost scoffed on hearing that, this place? Confined? A spacious living room like this is confined to them? "No way am I allowing her stay in this God forsaken place, she has made her choice but I haven't made mine. How will I know that you are not planning on murdering her and running away with her wealth?" Mr Hilton senior added, Logan couldn't hold it, he passed them a disrespectful look. "I won't do that for any reason, I don't
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The girls
Logan looked around the abandoned warehouse in disgust, Stephen must be stupid to have kept young girls here. It look so messy with grasses everywhere creating room for reptiles, this place is not healthy at all for any human. As he move towards the house, he balled his hand in a fist, his jaw clenched with each step he took. It's inhuman to keep people in this kind of environment. Just as Logan was about stepping into the house, Stephen came out with a big smile on his face. His eyes were obsessively on the briefcase in Logan's hand. "You came right on time Jordan, the girls are ready. Please come in" he said to Logan who tried to effortfully maintain a smile on his face. "I learnt time management you know, every business person should know that" Logan replied as he was ushered in. He looked around, taking notice of every little thing that matters. The guards here are less than ten and only about three are armed. He chuckled silently at the foolishness of Stephen, how can he keep
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