The Miraculous Rise of the Billionaire Heir

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The Miraculous Rise of the Billionaire Heir

By: Twilight Writings OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Alaric Wright was the poor college student everyone considered as a loser. He was insulted, played with, and humiliated for being poor, bullied and was even betrayed by his girlfriend. However, when he thought his life was coming to an end he received a message from his father confessing who his real parents were - the wealthiest, monarchical and most successful family in the city, and he was the sole heir. It was the time for revenge. He would get back at those who taunted him one by one, and was coming for both them and their family to bring them down, through his affluence, power and dominance.

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235 chapters
Chapter 1. Horrible Player.
Alaric watched as the other players of the team did a great job in the practice. While staring, he knew he couldn't match up to them. They had always been better than him. They always were. He was weaker in every way anyone could think of, and while he didn't have money for tuition, he had to depend on this team to make a living. If he played for the team, then he would receive allowances. He was a poor little college guy who didn't have the basic necessities and couldn't afford them, coming from a very poor family. He was no match for them, all these rich folks, who played much better and taunted him all the time. "Come on Alaric. The ball!" Some of the other teammates hollered at him, urging him to make a defense and dribble Jake, a top player, who was attempting to take possession. His feet faltered and he fell to the ground, Jake passing him, and kicking his legs to the side, as he attempted for a goal. Alaric groaned as the pain coursed through his muscles and bones,
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Chapter 2. Worthless Boyfriend.
Alaric couldn't believe his eyes. It was his girlfriend Sasha, with another guy, who he quite recognized. Norton, the quarterback. He tried to say something, but stuttered upon every attempt, making him look foolish. Rage was boiling in him, and he clenched his fist, while the tears brimmed in his eyes with his mouth agape, staring at them as they continued their ever-passionate romance. He yelled at her, and shock filled her eyes, when she jumped out of his arms, turning around to look at him. The other guy, who he could recognize as Norton, the quarterback who just humiliated him had anger flitting across his eyes because Alaric had stopped them from what they were doing."What the hell are you doing here Alaric?" Sasha demanded, as the fear in her eyes swiftly changed to annoyance. "What the hell are you doing with this guy?" He asked, with a low-tuned voice, as he looked at Norton whose hand was still wrapped around her waist. He was quite muscular and tall, with strong fierc
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Chapter 3. Billion-Dollar Heir.
Alaric knew the cause of all these. He was always humiliated in the greatest way possible, and it was because he was so poor. They treated him badly. Coming from a very poor family, he knew he had to fend for himself for stipends, and he had just received the worst insult in his life. After all, money was what they all cared about. He felt shattered and betrayed. More than that, he felt hopeless and frustrated. There was nothing good coming for him, and it was time he gave up the will to keep going. If he was just going to die, then it would be better. His passion, soccer, was a game that required cumbersome effort, and if he didn't work for it, and earn a living off it, he was going to starve. Wiping the tears off his face, he sobbed. Everyone who was going to see him would call him a loser, because of the inscription. He was filled with pain and despair, and he walked out of the changing room. Passing the hallway, they taunted him, and everyone who passed laughed, some throwin
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Chapter 4. Legacy At The Top.
"Remember this Alaric. You are rich now, and you have to pay respect to your family. I'll send you the address, and you will have to meet them. Both your mother and father are classical trillionaires, and you have to pay your respect to them as their son. You will have to meet them and thank them for what they have done, and you must make sure to never forget their kindness," his father explained. He nodded his head. "Yes, Father. I'll do that," he said, still not believing how such a miracle could happen. When was wishing that his life would end, a kind of unexpected miracle surfaced before him and made a huge impact on his life. He couldn't believe that his life would change in just a matter of minutes. He rolled his eyes everywhere in the room. It looked like gunk in here, a small bubble, but his eyes saw gold. Everywhere was covered in gold in his eyes, and it seemed that the shock was affecting him so much. "You'll receive a package soon. I sent it. It is to represent you
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Chapter 5. All About Ex-es.
Alaric stood up from the bed and cleared whatever it was that was there. Making sure he kept everything in place, he walked out of his house to a shop to buy her a gift. Kimberly deserved one. Despite being so popular in the school, she never despised him because he was poor, rather she took him like a brother and friend and was always there to stand up for him whenever Sasha wasn't there for him, even though it cost her a good reputation. She did it anyway. His eyes scanned through the series of shops that sold jewelry, but he had to make a choice. He passed through some choices, scanning from the outside what they had on the counter, and wasn't pleased with this. He had to keep looking. Finally, he located one. Stepping inside the shop with strong confidence oozing off him, he waved at the salesperson and saleswoman in charge. The woman wasn't in any way familiar with his status, since he was dressed a little too rugged. "Hello young man, how may I help you?" The saleswom
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Chapter 6. Pleasant Surprise.
"What? You? Sore loser?" Norton taunted, scoffing. Sasha's eyes were filled with shock, and it was so apparent that she wasn't expecting this. It was something of a big shock. What the hell would the poor boyfriend and loser be doing in an expensive jewelry shop?"Good to see you again, Norton," Alaric said, calmly. An expression of surprise surfaced right away on Norton's face."What the hell! Look at this poor fellow standing on the same ground as me," Norton jested. Sasha smiled, and held onto Norton's arm, looking at Alaric, who was keeping his cool, while watching as they made a fool of themselves."Well, I'm standing on the same ground as you, as I have always been," Alaric fired back, smirking."What? You've never been on the same ground as me, you sore loser. Come on wimp. Well, I guess you're so delusional that you can't face the truth that you're nothing but a pathetic fellow," he cursed."Do you know that your presence is downgrading uw? How come we're here with you? This
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Chapter 7. Unexpected Twist Of Fate.
Sasha couldn't believe her eyes and it seemed like magic as Alaric walked out of the store. Both she and Norton were surprised, and her eyes widened. She felt like she had so much wronged him in the past, and was ready to put everything out. Just yesterday she insulted him and cursed him, choosing someone else over him, but she was feeling the love bloom again. She was finding it in her heart to come closer to him. Alaric made his way out of the store and was about to leave when he felt a pair of hands grabbing onto him. He stopped for a while, before turning around to see who it was. Sasha. She had a remorseful look on her face as if she wasn't happy with herself, and she clung to him tightly. Norton was furious as his girlfriend was going back to her ex. "Sorry, Alaric. I doubted you and insulted you. I don't know why but I was blinded by status and fame, that of Norton. I see what it's like to be really in love. I am so much in love with you Alaric. Please accept me in y
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Chapter 8. Snappy Turnaround.
The manager couldn't believe her eyes. This was one of the most expensive things on sale in the big store, and it was actually with Alaric. How the hell in the world was he able to get a hold of this without anyone knowing? Alaric looked shocked by everything that happened, and Sasha, together with her boyfriend Norton began laughing at him."I told you that he's just a thief who doesn't know how to control his appetite for luxury and steals them instead. What do you say about someone who can steal a diamond hairpin? I'm certain that he stole the card he used to pay the bills for the purse and necklace," Norton accused, firing immediately at Alaric. The manager's eyes rolled to the counter, scanning through everything it was that was on it until her eyes caught something. What? The Wright Ring? He had one with him? She was quite aware of how that ring could instill silence and could exert dominance over people. The Wright family was the greatest in the city. "T- that ring?" She s
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Chapter 9. Light Of The Party.
Alaric walked out of the store after clearing all payments and saw the bemused faces of both Norton and Sasha. Reaching up to them, a smile ran across his face, in retort to their ugly faces. It was obvious that they were surprised. They were the first people to know who he is now, however, little did they know what he was planning to do with them. He was going to make sure that they lost their self-respect and dignity, and he was already building a master plan for it."Come on Sasha. Has it been so boring with your new boyfriend that you can't keep your ugly face off me?" He asked, wanting to taunt her. Her lips fitted into a curl, as she tucked several strands of hair behind her ear. She looked at Norton with a doubtful face. He knew what she meant by that. She was ready to go back to her past lover."You see Norton, this is just…""Don't tell me you want to go back to this loser, Sasha," he bawled. She shook her head."Don't say that! He is not a loser, Norton. I finally reali
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Chapter 10. Bathed In Gold.
"What is wrong with you Natalie? You know that you shouldn't be talking to a guest in such a manner," Kimberly scolded. The look on Natalie's face was baseless. Despite knowing that she hurt his feelings by insulting him, the puzzled look on her face only told that she wasn't an iota concerned. As usual, this was another opportunity to insult him, since that was what everyone always did."Come on Kimberly, you know I'm not lying. I'm telling the truth. Look at this weirdo.""Geez," her friends hissed, and they all smirked, while Kimberly gave them a tough glower."Don't glare at me, Kim. You know that you shouldn't make friends like this. I thought you were supposed to be hanging out with Ace," she said. Alaric turned to Kimberly, with a befuddled look on his face. "Ace?" He asked."Don't mind what she's saying," she defended before I could say another word. He never meant to ask who Ace was, but then, it seemed like he had heard the name before. Maybe he was also the kind of pe
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