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By: Kabirat Aleem OngoingUrban/Realistic

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"Do you think I would wait around for a jailbird like you when a man like Matteo wants me? Are you nuts?” Jason Monroe couldn't believe his ears when he heard those hateful words from his girlfriend, who was the cause of his imprisonment, as she stood in her wedding gown about to be married to the man who sent him to prison. A talented man with great ambitions, Jason Monroe had come a long way from being the punky orphan in the foster system to the C.E.O. of his own tech company, which he founded right after he finished college. Just when he thought he had everything under control, his girlfriend was accosted by the young master of the most influential family in Dengal. Enraged by the obscenity, Jason fought the man in honor of his girlfriend. Nobody touches the rich and powerful without paying a dear price. Jason learned this bitter lesson when he was imprisoned for three good years. After enduring a jail term in the notorious Ratsburgh prison, known for its cruelty. Jason, who met a mysterious man in prison, was released with the expectation of reuniting with the love of his life. The woman who was about to marry Jason’s nemesis Shocked by the discovery of his girlfriend’s betrayal, equipped with his newly bestowed authority. Jason set out on his journey of revenge, the tussle of power, and realization of how difficult it was to be “the man who wears the ring” Will Jason have all it takes to be the Grand Patriarch?



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Chp 1 - Leaving Ratsburgh Prison
“Three years! Three years of my youth wasted behind bars” Jason Monroe thought in a spurt of anger as he heard the heavily enforced gate of Ratsburgh prison clanked shut. Behind him.His momentary anger dissipated as happiness filled him because he was finally on the other side of that gate. The side of freedom. No more regulated time for everything. Time to sleep. To eat. To talk and to keep mute. No one was going to tell him what to do anymore.The thought that his beautiful Sonia would be here any moment buoyed his spirit even further. Though he had dreamed many times of her face being the first thing he would see after coming out of that detested gate but he knew she would be here soon.It had been such a long time. He understood her. He knew the reason why her visits had stopped. It was because she couldn’t bear seeing him behind bars without feeling guilty. Silly girl, she had always blamed herself for being the cause of his arrest. Coupled with the fact that Sonia who was in he
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Chp 2 - Confronting Sonia
“Where?” Jason asked Silas in a menacing tone. Silas knew what he meant and his intentions. They have not been friends for years for nothing after all. “No, buddy. Don’t even think of it. You didn’t just get out of prison for me to see you walk in again or worse. No, man. No woman is worthy of you getting yourself ruined for. You know the Fitzgeralds. And you know that pompous ass is the worst of the lot. No, Jay. Let’s just go eat something and figure out…” Jason’s humourless laughter stopped him “Eat something you say? Damn it, man. My girl is about to marry that… that bastard and you think I will be able to swallow anything?” Jason paced in anger, his fist itched to punch someone. A particular someone. Silas sighed “I know this must be painful to you, Jay but that bitch is no longer yours. You have to let her go. Believe me, you don’t want to tangle with Matteo, that guy is a psycho” A thought occurred to Ja
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Chp 3 - Dreaded Godfather
As Sonia spoke the hateful words without taking her eyes off him, Jason remembered when one of the prisoners pushed a warden, and the latter hit his head against a rail and fainted. When the other wardens came over to ask them to point out the offender and nobody answered, they were flogged with rods on their bareback after which they were asked to lie down, face up while the sun blazed. Jason had thought that was the most painful thing he would have to endure but the statement from Sonia caused him more pain than the inhumane treatment of the wardens. “What are you saying, babe?” he asked in disbelief, he took a step forward but was jerked back aggressively by the men beside him. Sonia who saw that he couldn’t get to her smiled in derision “Are you deaf? I have no idea that prison affected people’s hearing as well these days” “That is not a thing for a delicate flower like you to discover, after all, darling,” Matteo said beside her as he raised her hand and kissed her hands with
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Chp 4 - The No-Holds-Barred Ring
Rafael Blanco a.k.a Don a.k.a Godfather moved reverently towards Jason with his eyes fixed on the ring on his still clenched fist. His men parted and stood to the side as he moved. The people around marvelled at the reason why Don asked his men to stop.The dreaded leader of the Blanco Cartel, Don was known for never reversing his orders. If the Fitzgeralds are known for being wealthy, Don was known for being more so. Not only stinking rich but the most powerful man in Dengal as he had a crime ring that had a great hold on Dengal and the whole California state.“Who was this man who could make Don reverse his order?” was the question on the mind of most people that knew of Don. Well, mostly his men and the few people that were still around.The wedding of the year had been phenomenal for one reason at least. It made history in Dengal for being the wedding where guests had to discreetly leave without giving the happy couple their wishes or their gifts.After the initial shock of seeing
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Chp 5 - The Grand Patriarch is Back
Bedridden and frail, Andre Fitzgerald, the patriarch of the Fitzgerald family handed the phone to his caregiver with a shocked look on his face.The Grand Patriarch is back. Of course not the original patriarch. Unless the patriarch whom they had all known was well skilled in eastern medicine had found a way to make himself younger then he couldn’t be the person that was just described to him.Who was the man? How had he come in contact with the patriarch?He knew that was not the issue at the moment. The main issue was that in the history of the sect, his family was the first to achieve what none other had dared. Insulting the Grand Patriarch.“Matteo,” the man thought in anger “That brat would be the end of this family” he swept his good arm across the table close to him in anger and the contents on the table all crashed to the floor. His medicine bottle made the most thud against the plush carpet.The caregiver went down on her knees with her face against the carpet. She dared not
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Chp 6 - Wrong Calculation
A calculative woman of great wiles. Sonia knew that she had miscalculated this time around.What had she done to herself?That bastard Jason had not only robbed her of her day, the day she had been preparing for a long time, but he had humiliated her as well. She knew how much she had worked.Worked hard with everything she possessed. Her wiles. Her body. Her intelligence to get Matteo to finally propose to her and she had made him believe that it was his idea while she stood aside perfectly surprised that he loved her enough.Of course, she knew he did not love her. She knew of his affairs after all just as she knew that he had been with a woman overnight. He came straight to the wedding venue from her place. Not only did the woman send Sonia the picture she took when Matteo was sleeping beside her; she recorded the video of when they were in action too.The bitch!She must have thought that Sonia would run off when she saw the clips and cancelled the wedding. The whore had calculate
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Chp 7 - A Traitor To Deal With
"Dude! You have to let me in on what is happening! Man, I am sure that my heart was blown halfway across the Pacific and back! What the heck?!" Silas exclaimed the moment Don left them alone.Well, as alone as one could be. If you want to overlook the silent men in black who stood within and outside the magnificent mansion. The Kalamaro mansion. Don had called it.Jason could not even begin to comprehend the hugeness of the mansion that sat on six acres of land. It had its own golf course. Jason had heard horses neighing and he saw some afar feeding somewhere near where Don had called the stable. As much as the mansion spread out majestically on the land. There was vast unused land spread out.When Don mentioned a shooting range, Jason refrained from asking him just what the targets were. He doubted if that was the question the Grand Patriarch was supposed to ask. He would learn more later though.He had learned a lot but even he knew that there was still a lot more for him to learn
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Chp 8 - Sensible Mrs. Sloane
The man standing guard in front of the room where she was kept opened the door for Jason as he approached. Jason nodded at him and the man shut the door behind him. The nod was more of a reassurance to the man that he would be fine. The man might have followed him otherwise. He realised that at least two of them was supposed to be with him at all time. Jason had drawn the line when they almost followed him into the restroom. He could tell that they were reluctant as they had never disobeyed Don’s order before but they finally nodded and backed off, automatically confirming his authority over them now. He knew having people at his beck and call would take some getting used to but as he had been informed, he have to learn fast. There was a lot to do. Right after he took care of this little business. “Oh, Jason! Oh, my love! Thank you for saving me!” she flew at him in her grotesque-looking gown. Jason almost laughed out loud at her performance. Especially since fat tears were trai
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Chp 9 - The Note
“How can this happen!” the man growled in anger. His fury was palpable throughout the building of one of his majestic homes. The men standing guard in front of the study door dared not ventured in when he was like that. Not unless they wanted to lose their life. He swept his hand through the contents on his table, stationaries and clutters tumbled to the floor and a loud crash resounded when he tossed the snifter in his hand at the antique mirror above the mantle. “This is unacceptable!” he shouted “Nobody! Nobody deserved it more than I do! Nobody would take it away from me!” he roared and frissons of fear trickled down the spine of all that could hear him. He calmed himself down and smiled sinisterly. He shouldn’t agitate himself so. He thought as he sat back in his high-backed chair in the dimly-lit room. The maids knew better than to keep the room otherwise. The dimness of the room made it so much better when he put on his favourite images and motion pictures. The dimness of t
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Chp 10 - Breaking Protocol
“Sir, is it time?” says the message.“No, it is not” Jason replied.He tucked his phone back into his pocket and looked at himself in the cheval mirror in his walk-in closet. He had on a striped shirt and suit pants. His black coat hung on the rack where one of his men had hung it earlier. He put on the black shoes that had been polished to perfection. Jason could imagine seeing his reflection in it if he so chose.Today is the day. He thought to himself as he picked a matching black hat. He looked at the array of walking canes in a row at the other end of the closet and shook his head.No, he wasn’t going that route. He understood that he must look the part but he was drawing the line at walking about like a self-important aristocrat. He knew that it was not about the extras. It was what he had inside that mattered. The Knights would expect a lot from him.Most of them would look down on him of course, which was expected as he had not been part of them since the onset yet there was n
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