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Having helped his wife secure a contract worth millions of Dollars secretly without her knowledge due to his other identity while working hard as a constructor. Not figuring out any of these, she divorced him with a strong conviction that he can never amount to anything in life. She chose someone who was seemingly on the highest side of life. Her family was of course in consent with her decision, saying they were no longer on the same level as he was. Unknown to his now ex-wife and her family that he was the only heir to the Chase family, a family everyone worships, adores and dreads at the same time. They are the most powerful family in the world, because they were experts in almost everything for generations, be it martial arts or medicine, thus earning their title as a renowned family. How would she feel when she finally realizes that she was once married to the one man every woman wanted, but let him slip through her fingers due to her greed? Would he ever forgive her for the way she treated him or would he get his revenge instead?  Find out on the 'VEILED IDENTITY' by LADY E.

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“Mr Chase, it would mean more than a lot to us if you would give us a chance…”A beautiful young lady stood right in front of a man, and humbly said.But then the one she was talking to, wore a constructor's uniform or outfit ignoring her, he took a bag of cement and without giving her a glance he said;"I have no idea how you got to find my whereabouts but I have already made my decision.""Sir, please that's a project that is worth over 100 million dollars, the Cooper's can't bring that to fruition, we can...""I will make it work." Warrick interrupted her and said with a cold voice, holding the cement on his back and it almost hit the young lady. "Don't you dare bring this up to me again or else, you and I are going to have a problem."The girl tried to speak up but after sensing the coldness from him and seeing his emotionless eyes, she gave up and simply nodded; "Okay sir."She couldn't bear to provoke him and bowed, Lina walked away to her car dejected. The car drove off.Immedia
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Before they arrived, they thought that it would take hours for Warrick to plead and perhaps cry for the divorce not to take place but to their utmost surprise, he gave in quicker than they had expected.So as not to be too obvious that she was feeling some sort of guilt, Yvonne Cooper uttered;"Since we are both divorced now, then it would be best if you packed your things and moved out of the house, you are no longer welcomed.""Sure… I believe that's the best next thing to do." Warrick Chase retorted.He was no longer in the mood to work besides there was no need to continue the act, so he turned and began walking towards the car they (Yvonne and Emily) had both arrived in.But then when he got to the car, Emily follow suite and stopped him before he opened the door."And what do you think you are doing?" She asked with contempt."Going home to do my now ex-wife's bidding, is there a problem?""Oh yes there is, a lowlife like you can't possibly be seen driving back home with us in s
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"Tsk, how fitting, what a perfect match. You felt he was the best choice because you had no idea about his famous reputation of being a playboy I assume." Warrick teased, he still doesn't get how someone of such reputation would be better than he was.Yvonne Cooper was silent, she had nothing to say, it was like everything about her was blank, she was indeed overwhelmed with guilt and probably regret."Well even a popular rich playboy is way better than a loyal poor and dirty constructor. You roll around with dirt all day but nothing to show for it, worthless." Mrs Sarah Cooper retorted.Oliver Dwayne laughed out loud and said;"I heard that Yvonne had a constructor for a husband but never could I have guessed he was just an idiot." He then continued; "I could bring a 100 million dollar contract to the table of the Coopers, but what can you possibly do? You have been here for years but nothing. How dare a lowlife and a loser like you talk to me in that manner?""Oh shut it! Are you ce
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After looking coldly at Yvonne who was clearly standing confused, he then chose to explain what had transpired."Your mother was trying to grab my mother's necklace from me saying it was yours and that I stole it, I was only trying to stop her from doing that, because I didn't steal it. Only taking what belongs to me."Yvonne Cooper turned to her mother and asked;"Mum, is what he is saying true?""All I know is that this necklace belongs to our family and he is nothing more than a thief. He can't possibly afford to get something as expensive as this, so he stole it from our family."Yvonne then knew that Warrick did nothing wrong, but in order not to lose face or take his side, since they were no longer married to each other.She yelled; "No matter what had happened, regardless of what she had said you shouldn't have raised your hand on her. You are being disrespectful towards my mother and that is something I won't take from you, Warrick. I won't stand by and let you be disrespectfu
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This took Vivian off guard, she was taken aback by this revelation because it was he who had vehemently ordered that the project be given to the Cooper's group. Even after she had said, they were not qualified to take on such a huge project.Vivian felt it was time to speak up;"But sir, if I could recall correctly, I told you that it was a waste of time and that they are not worth such a huge deal and project from our company… *sighs* What are we going to do now? They are already on the project plan as we speak."Lunel sat in silence as he was lost in thoughts, it wasn't going to be easy to just take away the project from them because deals and paperworks have been signed, agreements and deeds have been reviewed already. So it was something that felt like an impossible task.After a while, he uttered;"I think I have a plan Vivian, and I am certain that this will work.""What is it sir, how do we stop them from carrying out the project? A lot has already been done, so I don't think i
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Lunel Chase became really upset and wanted to find out who he was; but before he could say a word, the man asked with contempt;"What department do you work in?"This got Lunel Chase upset that he asked him back; "What department are you in?""Well if you must know you dimwit, I am the vice president of Acorn Craft and you, well, you are fired." He uttered.Mr Lunel Chase sneered and couldn't help but find it really amusing that a mere vice president felt he had the audacity to fire him, if only he knew.Before Lunel could say anything else, Vivian intercepted. She with a frown face said coldly to the vice president;"Well Mr Alverz, you can't fire him, even if you wanted to. That I can assure you, kindly let whatever issues pass." "Who are you to order me around? I am not from your branch okay? I am from the other branch of Acorn Crafts. I don't have to listen to you, neither do you have any right to tell me what to do." Vice president Mr Alverz uttered sternly.Vivian knew that Lun
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A very furious voice uttered;"Mr Simeon Alverz, you are fired." Before Simeon Alverz could process what was said, the call got disconnected.His flattery and smiley face turned into sadness and this was something he never thought would happen.Lunel Chase smiled and looked at him, he got confused and then asked;"Wait… were you the one responsible for that?""What do you think? Of course I did, did you think I was joking around when I made that phone call?""How? Who are you? How can you make such remarks and orders?" Simeon asked "Still running your mouth right? Anyways, now that you know that I did, are you not going to plan avenging or something?"He smiled nervously and immediately got down on his knees, the so-called mighty vice president had fallen.Because as of that moment, everything that has to do with his title has slipped through his fingers. He was not so proud of his position anymore so all he could think about was to plead and hope they forgave him."I beg of you pl
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While making the phone call he was still feeling skeptical about it, but then fortunately for him, Vivian agreed for him to come over to her place to relax.Also she not only gave him that night to spend the night but said;"It's fine, you can stay for as long as you want to until you get yourself a suitable place."That of course surprised him but then, everything was okay.After that, he stood around the construction site waiting patiently for Vivian to come pick him up.As he waited, memories of how much time he had invested in that place came flooding back, if he was having any doubts of not treating his wife the way he wanted to, that was all gone now.He made a resolve to deal with each and everyone of them who looked down at him.While he stood, the security guards were confused about it all.They had made it quite clear that he wasn't allowed inside, so watching him lurking around the premises made them stand on their toes. So they had to watch him carefully because they had n
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The next day, Vivian was going to have an appointment with the Cooper family and group.This was the day they were going to sign the last papers completely.Yvonne Cooper was going to be the one to represent them because she knows that it was something very important to them.It is of course a grand privilege denied many to actually have a contract with Acorn Craft of all companies so she was excited to be going to the company.Her family felt she should represent them and that since she is quite aware of the terms and conditions of the contract and that the contract had been modified. Also, they felt she could actually talk her way into getting more discounts, since they felt it was Oliver Dwayne who was helping them out, little did they know.Yvonne Cooper was ecstatic about the whole thing, she was just feeling happy that she did the right thing by divorcing Warrick Chase, because if she hadn't Oliver Dwayne might not have given them the contract.'Warrick can go to hell for all I
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Vivian was in awe, her respect for her boss grew, she was definitely glad to have such a selfless man for a boss.It was now she understood why her boss built such a huge Empire that 60% of its citizens feel better. It shows just how selfless he is.After the meeting they dispersed and Warrick Chase then decided to go take a walk.He subconsciously began trailing off towards Yvonne Cooper's street. One can't possibly blame him though, this was the place he had been for years. So that cool evening while he was walking through the park, a tall huge and strong looking fell, stood in front of him.He was of course confused as to why that was so.The man rudely uttered sternly;"You can't come through this way, find another exit."It was something hilarious that Warrick couldn't help but laugh out loud."Hahaha, this is so funny. What are you?" Warrick asked."I already told you, you can't come in here, just go away." The strange man retorted.That was when Warrick looked beyond the seem
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