Chapter 100

I promised myself that I would have absolutely nothing to do with Ronald ever again.

Who did he think he is? 

I used to think he was a nice gentleman but no, he was just the Devil's apprentice. 

After I had gotten down from his car, I promised to send some assassin or something to go to his place, kill him and bring his head to me.... Yeah, it's not possible. 

Alisa on her part said he was a good guy, I didn't buy that, Alisa would call him a good guy today but tomorrow he becomes a bad person so it's best not to even listen to her. 

She told me how scared she was when I didn't come back after the school gate was locked. She said she had tried calling my line but it was switched off.

She called Olivia but she wasn't picking. 

Debra had almost beaten Jenny because she was trying to make her confess what they planne

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