Chapter 124


The look on Cora's face didn't look nice and I knew she was going to leave any time soon. I wasn't going to allow that happen not anymore, I had to calm these odd feelings I had, I just needed her beside me. 

And now that I've found out Anita isn't a true friend after all, I would have to stop calling her. 

"this one you people are acting as if this is one love movie, hope you remember I'm still here " Anita spits out. 

" what part of keep quiet don't you understand. "I yelled as I threw down the hideous flower vase in anger. 

" if you say any word again Anita, I'll break your head this time and I mean it " It was an empty threat but I just had to say it. 

I was shooting daggers at her eyes then I noticed she wasn't focused on me, she looked past me, I turned my attention back to where Cora was but she wasn't there, she ran off.

This w

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