Chapter 42


In my cars back seat, was my short jeans trouser and my T-shirt, as soon as I reach that is when I changed up and ran into the water, the beautiful blue water.

I entered the water and my whole body was wet, I went to get ice cream and so I could lick it and stay under the not so hot sun of the early evening time. 

My bodyguards were not too buggy, they stayed their distance but their eyes were fully on me.

I went to buy myself the ice cream I wanted, and that's when I felt her presence.

I turned and her drink poured on my white wet shirt, "Oh I am so sorry" She says using a dry towel on my chest.

I looked at her and she was still, it seemed like she did not know that it was me_she holds my hands and as she wants to put the towel in my hand.

She sees my wrist ring tattoo, she looks up and her eyes met with mine.


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