Chapter seven


After taking thirty minutes to do nothing but admire the motel’s interior and designs, Berlin finally retired to his room for the night and the motel room looked decent.

It had brown walls and a green ceiling. The motel was really the definition of a vintage and classy-looking place because it ticked all the boxes for an old-class description. The interior looked old but was obviously maintained which made everything look put together.

“That is a nice bed,” Berlin said out loud as he was talking to no one but himself while he observed the bed.

He could not wait to throw himself on it and go to sleep but he decided that he had to shower first before doing anything else. No matter how tired he was, he still had to wash away the many years of memories and stink from prison that remained on him.

He also desperately wanted to wash everything about today off his body and he wished he could wash his mind clean too and forget about a lot of the hurtful things he went through with Genevieve and her father.

He had learned after many years in jail through the hardest way that life wasn’t fair and that bad things happened to good people while bad people mostly got away with their ill deeds but deep down, he wished he could get back at Genevieve and Rhodes just to give them a taste of their medicine.

Too bad he had nothing like power, wealth, or connection to do what he wished for so badly. He had to learn to let everything go with time if he wanted to be happy again.

“Time to have a shower, then,” he said out loud to himself again before he sighed with resignation and began to take his clothes off.

He pulled his shirt off with a little struggle since his arms were too large to fit in the first place. They couldn't find him a shirt that would fit him perfectly when he was getting released from jail so he had to manage that size but overall, he was glad to finally be out of jail for good.

He turned to the door and noticed it wasn't shut entirely and he was confused because he thought he did close it but then, he just took his mind off it, telling himself that maybe he didn't close the door like he thought he did.

This time, he had the door closed then he locked it with the key, making sure he did it well before he turned for the bathroom to take his bath.

While in the bathroom, Berlin rinsed his face and stared at himself in the mirror as he wondered why the world was always against him.

He never had it easy in life. It was always one thing after another and it was always negative, like ill luck was stuck on him because it always found its way to him no matter how much he tried to escape it.

His head fell in between his shoulders as the thoughts he had been fighting so hard and trying to avoid clouded and consumed him. He just wanted it all to end. It was at times like this that people always had suicidal thoughts. He would be lying if he said the thought didn't cross his mind but he wasn't taking his life.

He planned to stay alive and turn his life around so he could show the people who doubted him that he could make a good life for himself too.

He finally got unclothed and stepped under the shower, hoping the water would give him exactly what he needed… warmth, but immediately the water spurted out of the shower, he muttered curse words because of how cold it felt on his skin.

He didn't know why but he had expected the water to be warmer.. While he was in prison, he spent the seven years there bathing in cold water and craved the feel of hot water against his skin after his release so he assumed a motel that looked this good would have hot water running.

Accepting the temperature of the water, he chose to enjoy the peace he felt while he took his bath but then he suddenly heard a knock on the room door and he had the shower head locked to hear better since the motel room wasn't that big and he could easily hear the knock on the door from where he was.

Berlin was confused about why someone would knock on his door because he didn't remember ordering room service so he wondered who could be knocking on the door.

The banging continued persistently and it soon became more intense, leaving Berlin in an unsettled state so quickly, he ended his shower time and wore his pair of boxers before he headed to the door to check who it was.

He finally got to the door, but to his disadvantage, there was no peep hole and he doubted if he could ignore the person on the other side because it did not seem like the person was planning on leaving soon.

Slowly, Berlin opened the door to see who it could be and without warning, a punch was sent straight to his face. It happened so fast that he almost fell back but all the time he spent on his physique in jail didn't go to waste as he quickly regained his balance and kept a firm stance even after the jaw-shifting punch he just received from the unknown man before him.

Berlin quickly recovered from the punch before he fixed his focus on the man who just attempted to destroy his face and his physique seemed to look like that of the man he had seen in the hallway almost an hour ago while he was admiring the artwork.

The longer he glared at who just attacked him, he couldn't help but think the man looked familiar but he still didn't know where he remembered him from.

There was not enough time for Berlin to think about that though because the man had thrown another punch at him and he was quick to dodge it but then, he wasn't lucky enough to escape the punch the man gave him in his stomach and Berlin growled in pain.

Angrily, he sent a punch back at the man before him and a tag slipped from his neck. Berlin looked at it and the unknown man attacking him was a worker from the cafe he bought coffee from earlier that day.

There was only one way to explain why this man was in his room and punching him for no reason. He had obviously been sent to kill him.

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