On an empty alley way a couple miles away from the Metro City High Court Courthouse the steady flowing breeze moving about started to fluster, turning into a mild wind as a pair disembodied feet began to appear out of nowhere. With every passing second the body whose feet those were started to also appear out of nothingness too, going from down with the feet to up with the full bodies figure coming into view, all the while having a golden aura all around it until finally the entire body had appeared.

Messy blonde hair, an oversized looking uniform and a slouch to add were all the things noticeable on this person as the protective aura surrounded him. The wind had just started to settle when Nathaniel opened his eyes and took a good look around to the sides of where he was to scope out the area properly and not a second later the wind picked up tension again and the next set of disembodied feet shrouded with the golden aura started to appear too.

That second p
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