Panicking, the balanced fuse he had made with the wall was terminated and he was pushed off to the ground where he held his head and began to rant to himself like a crazy person.

"They never left? They are still here! In this world and no one knows where. This is the end!" He cried out then suddenly residual memories from the wall interrupted his current thought and he saw that the one who he had originally judged and allowed to use the Passage Way used it yet again and he hadn't returned since then and then the memory left him so he was back to what he was doing

Even though it was good news that one of his assailants was no longer around, Sōl was more preoccupied with the others who stayed behind because compared to the one who had left these others were even more powerful and seemed more sinister and as someone who fought them for the short time he did while they ambushed him he could tell that very well. Also, because of what those others w
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