Angel and the others watched as her hands got encased piece by piece with the former body of the stun gun and as the blue energy was running all over it.

"Wow! This is so cool" Angel exclaimed gleefully, moving her hands, looking at the palms and changing to the back hands while following the energy as it moved on. The energy was shaped like a single snake on each IMPACT GLOVE, slivering all around the metallic casing and going from her wrist to her finger tips. 

"How does it feel?" Nathaniel asked, being intrigued by what he was seeing because the signal he was reading off of the gloves were unique and exciting and compared to that the only other signal that had excited him like that and at the same time terrified him were the signals coming from the antigravity engines in the stealth drones.

"I can even move my fingers without a hitch. It's like wearing a normal pair of gloves except the inside is a little bit warm and more comforting. N
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