"Well, I don't really have an idea of what this—" Paul was cut short when the girl instantly appeared in front of him, crunching down so that they could speak face to face and the surprise of having her appear so close and fast from his back spooked the man, making him to have shaky breaths and blinking uncontrollably.

"Hmm, go on" She said then took a bite of the chocolate bar she had left with when she left Adam and the others. It had been hidden in her left hand all this time and even while she was clenching and releasing her hand into fists earlier the chocolate bar was still in hand but well secured that it didn't fall off in the process. 

Because of the Impact Gloves she couldn't just have a bite of the chocolate and would have to break off a piece then throw that piece into her mouth and from how she was acting, Angel was the only one who seemed to be having a good time here. And this could be attributed to her getting exactly what she wanted whic
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