With a sharp inhale through the Michael got up from his Mind Search dream like state, pushing his upper body forward with both hands stretched out but one hand extended further than the other like he was trying to hold on to someone or stop something bad from happening during his dream. From that point on and for a couple of seconds he would pant uncontrollably.

"Where am I?" He asked himself then started flicking his eyes everywhere to get a read of his current situation. His Mind Search dream which he subconsciously did this time to realistically search through all his memories usually makes him to experience real time, everything he's searching for so until he had just woken up a second ago to him he was still in battle with Awon and Peter, experiencing the regret he felt during it.

He had had his headwear on all this time and because he was unconscious it had automatically taken itself to sleep mode so during his attempt at looking around a
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