Inside his room once again at night time, P05 continued to watch even more of now slightly grown baby Charlie's life through his view point in the video being shown on the walls of the young Child Agent in training's room while he spent the entire night preoccupied with trying to come up with a name for his bonded partner P06 that would fit him perfectly but this he didn't do in a stretch. 

He would watch the video then the thought would suddenly pop into his head about a potential name then he would think and agonize about it for a while when the name didn't match with his (P06's) look or personality which was something he learnt that people did when trying to name their children from watching the feed. He saw that from a conversion Reyleen was having with the other new parents around the neighborhood and it stuck to his mind.

P05 would do all this thinking while nothing important was happening on the feed which at that point would be getting fast forwa
South Ashan

There's going to be six chapters in the series

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