P05 watched more of the life of baby Charlie from the subject's point of view and had already known his name since the first day of watching them after having heard Roe and Reyleen calling it dozens of times while dotting on the baby boy but failed to disclose that information to P06 when they spoke earlier and now he having another session of binge watching about his younger twin brother's life which he seemed to be getting addicted to.


The morning of the next day came again and the alarm to the lower level of the Soviet facility for the training was rang and then the video was cut short yet again with P05 being able to watch less days into baby Charlie's life as he did the other day because the frequency of times it got fast forwarded was getting lesser the older he got and the more people that gets introduced. Since everything was from baby Charlie's point of view, the feed had both a fastened playback speed and got fast forwarded as well because those were thin
South Ashan

Second chapter in the miniseries

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