Because he had been streaming the trail broadcast as well as the news report given to everyone by the Upriser commander like a podcast he hadn't really seen much from the stream but during that time he had sat down in order to get a better listen which was when the others thought that he had gotten sick, Xander had seen a short few seconds of the broadcast and saw the uniforms that the three Uprisers on the screen had had on and it was uncanny from what these assailants had on now.

"Drop it! Drop your weapons now!" Shouted the Uprisers as they stormed inside the building and with the force and pressure they were coming in with, a few of the Hunters in the conference Hall already, especially the lady who used to be a secretary before but now a hunter couldn't help but have her hand trembling with fear as this was a situation she has never been in before.

However, because the others still had their weapons pointed and were willing to die to fight for themselves
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