Xander held on to his phone with both hands then sat on the chair, slouching forward and hands between his thighs like he was in deep thought as the rest of the broadcast went on, concentrating on it with all his mind. He was internalizing every single word that was being said and as he sat like that the others who had all been busy cleaning and were almost done with their parts all started to throw glances towards the man.

"Hey, what's wrong with Xander?"

"We've been cleaning all this time and are almost done but he hasn't gotten far with his own part and now he's seating like that. You think he's sick or something?" 

"Lemme go ask him" said one of the other Hunters, a female who walked up to the man and placed her hand on his shoulder in an attempt at getting his attention which she did.

"What?" Xander took out one of the airpods and looked up at the lady who looked genuinely concerned 

"You okay Xander? You're
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