The flaring afternoon sun managed to have its rays meander all the way through the trees and on to the soon to be battle field, with the positions of the two opposing forces being where was the brightest while the space in between had significantly more shade and leaves on the ground.

"Here she comes!" Said the Upriser who had shot the jug of milk, completely missing his real target as he saw that Argent had just transformed into the human cheetah hybrid, before she went down to power her legs and start running.

Because she just wanted to check what the sound coming from outside truly was, Argent had prepared ahead and set the entire Facility on a timed lockdown and as extra defense, the same Force-field which had protected Gabriel would also cover the entire building. So, as Argent powered her feet and dashed forward, behind her the generators rose up from the ground and generated the force-field like they're meant to.

It only took three steps for Argent to cov

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