Descending from high up, with a beastial presence and extreme level of bloodlust, Argent was ready to take on every single Upriser in front of her, regardless of their weapons all being raised and getting ready to fire at her. She had had enough fun with her prey so now it was time to do her real job and protect the Facility. Besides she was running out of time because from the distance she could hear...

Just as they all went to town, wanting to take her out before she does the same to them, the Uprisers all saw the snake aspects of her hybrid form taking dominance, starting from her eyes becoming more golden to her fur retracting and grey scales replacing them. Her hands and legs became shorter than they were just a second ago, meanwhile her body itself began to elongate, becoming bigger and bigger. 

Her head fused with the dimensions of her neck to the extent that it was making the two indiscernible.

""Snake!"" The Uprisers shouted as they continued to

South Ashan

Only a handful of chapters more until the end

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