It was a complete collapse the way Angel went to the ground with the bones in her legs being too broken to even support the weight of her own body. After the Bionic Soldiers had attacked her and they saw their result they didn't just rest and relax straight away. They acted preemptively and took their weapons to the sky just in case something strange was going to come out of nowhere like before to save her.

They were split into two with three which included Rawrick and the other two Bionic Soldiers being the ones who took their weapons high and Talon and Keyz being the two who still had their's aimed at Angel while Marrow didn't do much really. He accepted the fact that he wasn't needed for any of this and might be in the way so he did nothing

For the very short amount of time that they did that and didn't see anything like any special attack coming their way Rawrick called it and they all went back to aiming at Angel as they approached her, circling around her without

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