The biggest rug puller they've faced is the fact that they weren't expecting Emerged trainees. All their hopes was that only Enhanced trainees would be here and in the field and the first level Enhanced trainees for that matter. The little Intel they had was that the Emerged trainees and the second level Enhanced trainees were no where ready for this war and them coming would mean a blood bath for the trainees.

They were banking on the GHA not being crazy enough to send kids to their deaths all in the sake of protecting the nation. The GHA Forces Unit was expected to be sent instead but that's exactly what happened here but what's done is done.

It was the possibility of Stealth Drones, the appearance of Bionic Soldiers who even Adam couldn't handle at the time, their communication network being blocked, the boarder into the district being blocked and the two highly ranked Arc Agents being dealt with by just one of their Emerged soldier, Awon that forced the GHA's and m

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