To show how insignificant the weight of his massive weapon was in his own hands which wouldn't be the same for someone else his size but didn't have bionics, Malkome twirled and spun it around effortlessly with one hand as he made his way closer to Adam who had already turned to face him after hearing his comment solely because of how good his hearing is so the noise of all the fighting happening around didn't obstruct it.

"You again? Damn, and here I was thinking that you might have kicked rock somewhere but I guess my luck isn't always—" Adam sounded exasperated and that wasn't from all the fighting he's been doing prior to this reunion but happened the moment he saw Malkome. While mumbling to himself because unlike him Malkome on the other hand couldn't hear much in this ruckus and the space between them also playing a part in that, he was interrupted by the bionic man who had gotten impatient.

"NO STALLING, COME HERE BOYA" Malkome spoke out loudly with a grin

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