I Became A Trillionaire After Marrying A Lady Boss

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I Became A Trillionaire After Marrying A Lady Boss

By: Lord Amari CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Heartbreak? Surmounting Medical Bills? & An Unexpected Proposal? Reynold is at his wits end. Working a 9-5 job for a measly pay was not how he envisioned his future to be, and worse still there’s no salary raise despite how hardworking he is. He decides to confront the wicked employer who’d been exploiting him all this while, but he is met with another shock as he finds his long term girlfriend cheating on him with the same man. Frustrated and angry, he erupts into a violent confrontation with his boss, and this results into a brutal eviction leading him to be casted out in the streets. With nowhere to go, and a battered body moping the streets, fate soon deals him a lucky card and he receives a shocking proposition. “Hello Mr, would you like to marry me?”

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  • elizabeth nafuna


    I love the book so far,it's keeping me on my toes. I love how the storyline is but unlocking the chapters is leaving me hanging.

    2024-04-10 04:52:58
  • Kwame Ahadzie


    The best book that keeps you awake for the rest of your life.

    2023-12-30 02:54:33
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154 chapters
"What have you done to deserve a raise."In front of an oakwood table stood a slim-framed man, his overall visage suggested him to be a menacing handsome man. One that would steal a man's girl just with a wink. But his composure made nothing about him attractive.He shivered as the man opposite him, the complete opposite of what he is to be, robust—ugly in fact, lashed at him and demanded a response.After thinking about it all night Reynold had finally mustered up the courage to ask for a raise. It was unfair to think about— this company would spare no effort to work its employees to the bones while all the upper ranks enjoyed free time lunch and went to clubs at night—low-rank employees like Reynold were made to work overnight in fact.And truthfully, anyone can leave. But the little he receives from this company is what he uses to sustain his mother's medical bills. Why would he leave?Hence this was a do-or-die situation, this raise would be a lot of help for him. He would be able
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It was a few minutes later.Reynold and the strange lady had retreated to a bench that sat along the road, her black umbrella was still raised above their heads to prevent the drizzling rain from falling on them. The lady most especially seemed concerned about her dress getting wet.But that was just one of the many things Reynold noticed about her that made him undoubtedly conclude that she was one hell of a sophisticated lady. Another thing was her fingers, long and slender, on her index finger sat a silver ring that glittered.The ring drew his mind back to the words she had said a few minutes ago before she suggested that they should leave the rain.Reynold still doubted what he heard and counted the possibility that he might have misheard her due to the situation he was in."So, are you calm now?"Her hoarse voice broke two different walls of silence: the one that hung between them and the one in his heart."Yes. Thank you."Unsure of what to do or say, his response was pretty muc
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He counted the zeroes several times to be sure he was seeing the correct thing. Three hundred million like that just dropped in his account.This is a dream come true, it's a bit of a disappointment to his man ego that this amount didn't come from him purely working for it. But to hell with man's ego, all he cared about right now was saving his mother.He shot to his feet."I will go to get my marriage permit first since it is on the way to the hospital."He couldn't explain where the new surge of energy he felt came from. He just stormed off in his ruined old suit.Getting the marriage permit wasn't a big deal. He just had to sign some papers and take some portrait photos, update his register, and since it was urgent, the permit was issued as fast as they could. Their customer service was actually wonderful, Reynold attributed it to the fact that they were government workers, for a minute he thought that maybe his life would have been different if he had been a government worker too.
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This was very annoying and embarrassing for Reynold because now people who were passing by were beginning to send stares their way.And this whole situation was looking like he had hurt a lady."I didn't even do anything to you. What could I have done, you never gave me attention, it was all about work or your sister or your mother. Still, I stood by you, I stood with you... I have sacrificed so many things so you could keep your job. I did it all because I loved you and you want to cast me aside like this?!! This is unfair Rey, this is so unfair!!"She blabbered with a loud cry, sniffling her nose at intervals.Reynold walked closer to her and bent down as if he was being apologetic and realized his mistake. He had no choice, people were beginning to look at him with scornful gazes.'It's unfair how society is very permissive of women'He held her gently, leaned closer to her ears, and whispered -"I know you have a bit of dignity in you even if you are a slut who slept with my boss. I
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In the corporate business world, some classes of conglomerates are regarded as royalties. Everything contributes to how they are regarded.They had astronomical numbers of wealth, so much that it made no sense. They were the ones you would find manufacturing the best of goods and they’ve been in existence since even the country began to take a consistent shape.Among conglomerates, they stood tall and were distinguished amongst the others. Such was The Johns group of companies, talk about the pinnacle of all conglomerates, they are the ones perched atop the hill of luxury.And this made the public attention to be all over them, the current chairman was preparing to choose a chairman between his children, and this was causing quite an internal stir. Especially for Kayla who could barely hold her place in the family. This marriage was her only way to hang on."My lady.”"My lady.”Guards and employees greeted her as she stopped in front of the company's building. The exterior alone was a
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Reynold had just received Kayla's call, his heart was beating badum badum badum after dropping the call with her. Well, he didn't exactly drop the call–she hung up on him but that's fine, she was probably busy.Reynold gently rubbed the cold coffee cup in his hands. He was still in the hospital because the doctor asked him to wait around while they conducted a few emergency tests on her. He looked at the orange sky.It was like rain never fell a few hours ago, the evening was beginning to settle in, and the sky was filled with a cantaloupe beauty as the sun descended into the horizon.Reynold thought of what his life was going to be like from henceforth. He couldn't envision anything, he was scared but at the same time he was happy he would be married to someone like Kayla.'She does seem nice...'If only she could give a few months for them to know each other...'Should I suggest it to her?' He thought.He was yet to give his thought an answer–he was interrupted by the numerous footst
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‘You won’t dare insult my husband in my presence ever again, wretched fool!’Ashley repeated the lady’s statement, and at the same time put her hands on her red hot cheek.'Did this bitch just slap me?!'Yes, she just got slapped but she couldn't dare to do anything about it."Don't you ever in your life utter such words about my husband." Kayla made it clear to her.“Seriously?! You think because you have thugs in suits with you. I can't do a thing, I can damage this guy's life in a minute, I will destroy your marriage!" She screamed."Oh, you can't do anything." A wry smile formed on Kayla's face, she was like a cunning face, with the mole that sat below the corner of her lips. "...I have secrets, videos of how you slept with those ugly men for money. I wonder what will happen to you the moment that gets out. Or is it the moment when you would arrange a theft on him just to get his little salary? I have evidence of all that.”At this moment, Ashley began to hesitate to talk."Leave R
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"Do you Kayla Johns, take Reynold Sheens as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."Kayla looked into Reynold's eyes, a cold expression on her face before she replied."I do."Reynold found that to be very bothering. Just now, she showed a side of her that he never thought of. Or maybe he was just overthinking it, this was a contract marriage after all. What did he expect, still it bothered him.The priest's voice continued. “Do you Reynold Sheens take Kayla Johns as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."Rey replied with a smile. “I do""From this moment, I pronounce you two. Husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.""Thanks, Priest but that part will be unnecessary." Lei, standing on the side said and stepped forward with
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Reynold sped across the distance as quickly as he could as he occupied himself with thoughts of whether he should go or not. However, his legs did not stop.He jammed into her room and tried to barge into the toilet too but the door was tougher than he expected. He shook the door knob hurriedly trying to force it open but nothing happened."K.J! K.J!!"He wasn't thinking right now–all that was in his mind was her safety. He didn't care what would happen after he trespassed all he just wanted to know was if she was okay.But no matter how much he called, there wasn't a response. And then it dawned on him that she was in the bathroom. He didn't know what to do in this situation, what if she was doing something?‘Perhaps I should just leave.”"R...ey.”Just when he thought that her weak voice called out to him.He immediately began to panic and got more aggressive as he shook the door knob trying to force it open. Seeing that no matter how much he tried to force the knob it wouldn't open,
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Reynold had been all over the house looking for first aid kits but found none. There was no one around apart from both of them. In fact, he was shocked that she dismissed her female bodyguard and came in here alone with a man she just barely knew."I've looked all over but there are no first aid kits. I think taking you to the hospital will be the best course of action."Kayla was halfway awake, she shrugged sluggishly as he spoke. Reynold patiently stood and waited for her to wake up fully.However, the moment she did..."Please get out." She sternly said, holding her head tiredly.A frown creased together Reynold's brows."What do you mean? You just fell and injured yourself. And you are telling me to get out. You need to go to the hospital. You can't even stand on your own.""Please, Reynold. Don't let me get angry, the contract stated that you would not step into my room so get out."Her voice this time was more stable and fearsome.Reynold clenched his fist, he looked at her for a
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