The Return Of General Tyler

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The Return Of General Tyler

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Three years ago, Tyler Stiles was chosen to go fight for a war in a very dangerous place. He was given two options: either to win the war or come back dead. However, Tyler emerged victorious and returned as a general, the most powerful in his army. He was thrilled to reunite with his family after three years away, but on his return he was met with a shocking turn of events.

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Exuding Power
Chapter oneThird person POVTyler took fast and impatient strode towards his car. Some soldiers stood at attention, and saluted at him immediately they saw him."Welcome, General" they greeted in unison.Tyler simply nodded in response. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, then sighed with a relieved smile."I can't wait to reunite with my family. I'm finally done with the war. I've missed them so much, and these three years have been hell without them," he said to no one in particular, but one of the soldiers replied to him anyway."Yeah, it's been a long time, General" the soldier chipped in. "Don't forget to call us if you need our help; we're always at your service, General," the soldiers nodded in agreement. Tyler reached forward and held the soldier's shoulder, squeezed it reassuringly and nodded his head. Before getting into the car, he waved at them, then ordered the driver to drive off.*****Arianna rushed inside the house, sweating profusely. She glanced at her daughter
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Chapter 2"Get me information on the Wilson family and where they've taken my wife. I need it within the next 30 minutes," Tyler instructed. "I'll begin right away, sir," the receiver responded before Tyler ended the call. He then moved closer to his teary-eyed daughter, and embraced her tenderly.*****Arianna was forcefully laid on a hospital bed, struggling to get down, but the Wilson's guards weren't offering any assistance. They handcuffed her hands to the bed."Let go of me!" she yelled."Lower your voice if you don't want me to shut you up," the butler threatened with a frown.Anyone would be scared out of their wits staring at the butler's deep frown, the long scar above his left eyebrow gave him a scarier look, but Arianna wasn't fazed - all she wanted was to be set free."Please let me go, I need to get out of here," she pleaded, but as expected all her pleas fell on deaf ears."You aren't leaving here until you donate your cornea. I'm not even sure it'll be possible for yo
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A lowlife
Chapter Three "Why the hell are you so afraid of him? Why are you apologizing to him as if he's an important person?" The butler raised his brows as he looked around with confusion obviously washed over his face. "Why do you feel the need to do that?" he asked, his eyes darting about for answers. There was silence as tension consumed the atmosphere, until one of the guards cleared his throat quietly and spoke."Butler Leo" the guard called. "This man isn't someone you would want to talk to in such manner, I'd watch my tone if I were you" he advised, hinting on the importance and authority of Tyler.The guard's advise doesn't seem to sit well with the butler, and instead of heeding the advise, he lashed out on the guard."Just shut up, you swine!" he chided the guard. "He is nothing but a liar. I don't know what you've heard about him, but trust me on this, he isn't who you people think he is. Whatever it was that you heard about him are nothing but lies. He is just some poor idiot w
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Lick my shoe
Chapter four.The young master ended the call from the other end. Butler Leo glanced at Tyler, who looked at him like a scapegoat. He then cautiously approached the door and dashed out of the room. Tyler chuckled dryly at butler Leo's cowardice move, before giving his attention back to his wife."Get me the doctor," Tyler instructed one of his men."Yes, general," the man replied then urgently exited the room.A few minute later, the man came back with the doctor trailing closely behind him. "The doctor is here" the man reported. Tyler faced the doctor immediately. "You said she needs some rest, right?" he asked, and the doctor nodded affirmatively. "Listen attentively to me, I want you to monitor her condition closely and ensure her care. I don't want to hear stories like someone removed her from this hospital, and if I find any additional bruises on her body, beyond the ones she already has, your family and this hospital will bear the consequences," Tyler threatened in a low and d
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Chapter fiveMr. Stiles let out a relieved smile, but the smile vanished as soon as he realized his purpose of being here."Yes, father, I'm back," Tyler said to Mr. Stiles with a smile."Welcome!" Mr. Stiles exclaimed firmly. He felt the urge to stand up and rush to hug Tyler, but he restrained himself. He didn't want to involve Tyler in any trouble."What are you doing here? You should leave now," Mr. Stiles said, worrying about Tyler's safety. But instead of leaving as Mr. Stiles instructed, Tyler shook his head in disagreement."I can't leave without you, father. Come on, let's get out of here," Tyler told him.Mr. Stiles shook his head in denial. "I can't leave with you until I've completed what I came to do," Mr. Stile replied firmly.Tyler seem frustrated with Mr. Stiles' response. He knew the reason he (Mr. Stiles) came here."You don't have to do whatever this bastard asked of you, Father!" he yelled angrily. He moved closer to Mr. Stile and attempted to help him up, but Mr.
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Your generation will pay
Chapter 6"Why are you making things worse for me? Why are you making things worse for everyone?" Mr. Stiles' voice boomed. "You should have just remained hidden. What are you even doing here now? Do you think violence can solve everything? Do you think I am a fool for begging? No, I am not a fool. I am just doing what needs to be done!" Tyler flipped his hair backwards in anger, clenched his fist out of frustration. He doesn't understand why Mr. Stiles is begging, or what he (Mr. Stiles) was afraid of."I already told you, father, you don't need to be scared. Why can't you trust me when I say no one can harm you?" Tyler paused and stared challengingly at Albert. "I'll make sure of that," he said, each words that proceeded out of his mouth weighing promises.Mr. Stile shut his eyes momentarily as he shook his head in contradiction, and also tapping his on the ground in panic."You don't understand the situation, Tyler. I am the only one who can save Adrianna. I am the only one who ca
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Chapter SevenTyler stepped out of the bustling bar, the neon lights fading behind him as he dialed his personal investigator's number. With a sense of urgency in his voice, he demanded, "Hello, Mike, find out where the Wilson family have taken my wife and what they're up to. I need to know every detail. Get back to me in the next ten minutes. I need to go save her.""Alright, boss. I am on it," Mike assured him before ending the call. A few tense minutes passed before Mike's name flashed on Tyler's phone screen, urging him to quickly press the answer button."Where are they?" He inquired as soon as he received the call."They're at Living Stone Hotel celebrating the Wilson's eldest son's birthday. They took your wife there," Mike revealed."Thank you," Tyler responded before ending the call.****>Living stone hotel hall<Read more
Don’t protect me!
Chapter 8"Are you friends with the god of war?" Tyler asked, taken aback. As the god of war himself, Tyler couldn't comprehend why Judas would fabricate such a claim."Yes, the god of war is my friend. Do you have a problem with that?" Judas answered confidently. "I don't chill with lowlifes like you, I chill with important figures"Tyler tilted his head as he couldn't believe the confidence Judas has."Or do you personally know the god of war? Why am I even asking you that kind of question? You don't know him and you can never know him because I'm very sure you can't meet him, not even in your next life. It won't be possible," Judas mocked Tyler. The eldest master, who had been silent until now, suddenly burst into laughter."He thinks he is someone important,'" The eldest master pipped in, Tyler chuckled and shook his head in disappointment "I doubt anyone of you even know the god of war; the god of war that I know can never be your friend." he told them.The young master, taken
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Release him
Tyler, his fists clenched tightly, managed to stand up."What are you waiting for? Beat him up?" Judas yelled as the guard moved closer to Tyler and kicked him in the stomach. Tyler staggered but tried to fight back. However, another guard landed a brutal punch on his head.Tyler chuckled in response, a smirk playing on his lips in the face of the man's threats."You dare come here to ruin our party? How dare you? Who do you think you're? Do you even think we are in the dreamland? You're going to die with your wife here," the man bellowed angrily, his voice filled with menace."Do you think I am someone you can kill with no traces?" Tyler asked, his tone laced with amusement as he burst into laughter, the sound echoing through the tense air.Judas' butler, with panic in his eyes, came running towards them, his phone clutched tightly in his hand."Please stop!" the butler begged, his voice quivering with fear and urgency."What's going on? Why do you shout like that?" Judas demanded, t
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"I am very sorry, uncle, I have released him as your order," Judas replied, his voice laced with frustration and anger, before ending the call. He clenched his fist and unclenched it angrily, his knuckles white with tension, before throwing the phone against the wall with a loud crash. The device shattered into pieces, a symbol of his shattered composure."Fuck! What am I going to do now? Where will I get a new cornea for my brother?" He yelled, his voice echoing through the luxurious room, his words laced with desperation and urgency. He roughed his hair angrily, his eyes blazing with intensity, as if trying to find a solution in the tangled strands.He faced his butler, his eyes commanding and fierce, not minding the people sitting at the VIP table, who were now staring at him with a mixture of shock and curiosity. "Go after him, I'm not convinced. I want to know how powerful he is," Judas instructed, his voice low and menacing, his eyes narrowing into slits.The butler nodded swift
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