The Ultimate Levi's Return

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The Ultimate Levi's Return

By: Hunni CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Need a Twist? Getting Married to a model from a Billionaire's family, having a Father in – law and a mother-in-law who loathed him, Levi became a joke, as he was humiliated by Everyone in the Brown's family for being poor and for being a Nobody. He was underestimated by all. Facing the greatest betrayal of his life, His life took a deadly turn as he almost came face to face with death, but he survived and swore that Everyone who looked down on him would bow down, go on their knees and beg for his mercy. He because a changed man, as he leaped to the Top. Welcome to the twisted World of Levi, The return of the Leto's heir.

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  • gideon laborde


    i love this novel.

    2023-09-25 07:03:35
  • Tim Jefta


    great work

    2023-08-15 23:55:30
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136 chapters
Chapter 1: The Rich Vs The poor
Lena remarked as she grabbed Levi's hands and walked inside a very large building, adding, “Hurry, Levi, we are already late, and I would rather not anger The old master.”The structure was enormous and mostly made of glass, making it elegant and opulent. Bright lights were strung throughout, and the interiors of the building were exquisitely decorated, lending the entire area a majestic appearance.“We're not that late, slow down, or you'll fall off your heels,” Levi said as he tried to match her walking speed. By the time they arrived at the main party room, everyone was already seated at the dinning chairs around the dinning table, and as soon as they stepped in, all eyes were on them.“I see you two have the guts to show up late on such a momentous moment,” a man in his early twenties said.“I apologize for being late, Dad; the car had some problems that we needed to fix,” Lena explained.“That's what happens when you marry a Nobody.” Glaring at Them, remarked a lady. Alexa was Le
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Chapter 2: A Deal for a Divorce.
He scowled.Why would he be wanted by the Old Master?He released Alexa's hold that he had been holding up, preventing her from smacking him, while trying to contain the anger he was feeling at the time. He gave Alex a cold stare before speaking calmly.“People with common bad behavior and interest for sure get together, I am not surprised” he had more pressing concerns than a couple that detested him.He wondered why Lena's father was calling him, he quickly made his way upstairs to His study. Knocking on the door, he heard a voice that told him to get in. Getting in, he closed the door behind as he walked slowly towards Mr. brown, who was putting on a black long sleeve and black pants. “You called for me, sir” he said as he stood in Front of him.Brown calmly replied, “Oh yeah, I did, Levi, take a seat.” Levi was astonished and interested to see where it would all go. He sat down on one of the chairs and silently regarded Mr. Brown.Mr. Brown muttered, “Excellent.”He spoke careful
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Chapter 3: Multi Million fiancé.
The phone ringtone could be heard from the room the following morning, “Check your phone!” as the sun peaked in through the window and gave the room a slight sheen. Lena patted Him on the shoulder and murmured, “You have a call.” “Ugh,” Levi sighed as he reached out to grab his phone from the table next to the bed, but it was too late because the call had already ended. Levi sighed once more as he got out of bed, he looked at the woman next to him, kissed her on the forehead, and said, “Good morning.” He then immediately dialed the number back after the first ring, and the person on the other line answered. “Good morning, Adams, sorry I missed your call, I was still asleep,” he mumbled as he slid out of bed, with only jogger pants and his bare chest exposed. He went to the bathroom and cleaned his face.“Oh, don't be concerned; I really need you to meet me today. It is crucial since it is related to the business we established, so I need you to meet me” From the other end of the lin
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Chapter 4: Heart broken.
They were still having a good time when he started filming them, so they did not notice him standing there. After finishing the video, he slid his phone into his pocket and repeated what he had said earlier, this time speaking louder because he could not bear to watch them devour each other. “Lena! Adams!” They both of them immediately were startled, jerking off from each other, he could see the shock in their eyes and faces. It hurt him to see what was going on In his face, he hated it very much. “Oh my God, Levi, you are back and I… I… thought that you won't be coming back today” she said as she was shaking already.“Oh really, so that you can screw my best friend, right? That's why you did not want me to come back early, so you will have the sweet opportunity to have sex with my so-called close friend who happens to be having an affair with my wife, at my back” He yelled, each word bore anger, how could they do that to him?They were the only two people he knew that he counted on
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Chapter 5: Return of the Leto's heir.
Adams helped her get into the car by placing his hand on her waist and opening the door. She grinned at him as she sat down, and Adams then shut the door. Adams opened the car and stepped inside before moving to the opposite side.He started the car as he drives off with the other men, as they were following behind with their cars. She felt relieved that she had gotten rid of him, and it gave her pure joy. She has waited for that moment, and she is glad that it arrived. “Don't tell me you are regretting this.” Adams, who noticed the lost expression on her face, muttered. She turned to him as she smiled and said.“I have never been so happy in my life, if there is one thing that I can never regret, then it has to be this, besides he is just a waste of space.”Back to the Lake, All of this was only witnessed by a pair of eyes. She was moving around when she noticed several men, and when she overheard people talking, she felt compelled to check. She was determined to find out what was
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Chapter 6: Welcome Home, Master, Levi.
“Mom, what’s going on?” Aria asked with a deep frown on her face as well as a confused expression.Rosalia smiled as she wiped her tears looking at Levi while taking her eyes off Aria, she said with a light smile.“Let’s go outside” without waiting for their reply, she immediately rushed out of the room, happily. Confused Levi gave Aria a weird look, but she lightly rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t look at me like that, it’s my first time seeing my mother like this, you heard her, let’s go outside” she walked off after saying this, Levi quickly followed her but when he walked outside of the house, what he saw gave him chills down his spine, he has never ever in his life see something that amazing at all, men in black suits surrounded the whole house, Black expensive SUV cars were all packed around, more than a hundred helicopter where flying above them, with hundreds of Guards all around. When all the guards saw him, they All bowed their heads respectfully to him. It looked like a mo
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Chapter 7: “They shall beg for my Mercy”
Chapter 7“You see, Levi, Mirabel is a very evil and manipulative woman, Your father underestimated her ability to harm him, you and your mother. She came around with numerous Dangerous men, You were still a kid, Levi. Just a child of Ten years. I know that you can't quite remember much. They broke in, in the villa, Your father's personal guards were not around. Your father really tried to protect you all, but they overpowered him. They were Stronger than him and overpowered him. In front of your Eyes, your father and mother were killed by Mirabel, she was merciless, although they begged and begged for Mercy, she became a beast, but luckily, before any harm can happen to you, a trusted family Maid saved you” she paused and chuckled, Levi listened quietly, she continued “The maid sneaked you out of the villa, putting you in a car and trying to escape with you, but Mirabel noticed that you two were attempting to escape, and she set the car on fire. You with the maid ended up in a terribl
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Chapter 8: Fresh start.
Levi let out a sigh and used one palm to clean his face before anyone could notice.That decision Levi made is something he will stand on without wavering. His heart is made up already due to what he had passed through in the past.Just like that the influx of memories floods his mind the moment he makes that decision.Levi, once feeble and weak, is now tough and rigid."Levi!" That's the voice of grandpa Rossi. Piercing his ear all at once, he turned to face him."Why are you standing there all alone with your fist twisted one to another…?" He asked.Getting right to Levi, he understands the message he is passing across. "I am so sorry for standing here for too long… Everything seems so strange to me," he explained.Grandpa Rossi scoffs with his gaze right on face. "Son! I know that feeling… you have been lost for so many years, so, it's normal you feel that way," he said.He nodded his head while an amount of air flushed through his nostrils."I understand that look on your face,
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Chapter 9: Enzo
"Why the sudden gaze?" He passed that question around.Grandpa Rossi understands what he is trying to say and so he opens his mouth agape to speak, "I am not expecting you at this odd hour."With smiles on his face, "so, am I not welcome?" Enzo expelled.Grandpa Rossi swallowed the saliva left in his mouth as he tried to understand Enzo's point of view. "Why the sudden aggression?" Levi had to interfere immediately with the way things were going.Levi's words called his attention and he turned to look at the pest that just puke those things. "Who is this? Please." He washed him down with his gaze.Grandpa Rossi looked at him for a while, before he decided to pick. "Sorry I haven't properly introduced him. Meet Levi" turning to Levi, he said, "Levi meet Enzo your uncle," he expressed.After the introduction, Enzo gets the broad view of everything that is happening at that moment. Facing him, he said, "oh! I don't know you are part of this family," he said, trying to get on his nerves
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Chapter 10: Money is Good
The night gently ticks off gently. In no time, the morning comes knocking.Levi is still fast asleep until the morning is fully come. The brightness of the day penetrates his window and brushes on his face. Immediately, he opens his eyes with a heavy yawn. 'Damn…! It's morning already,' he retorted and stood on his feet just to relax his nerves.Stretching himself backwards, his bones cracked out and that scared him even to his bones. He still yawns out loud, even after he is already up. He walks out of his room and has the door slammed behind him. Walking through to the sitting room, a person's voice penetrates his ear."Where are you going in such a hurry?"That voice penetrates Levi's ear. His gaze fixed on her immediately."I am not going anywhere. I am surprised not to see anyone outside. So, I am checking around," he said."Okay… have you freshen up?" Rosalia had to ask, looking at how shabbily he is shabbily dressed."Freshen up! No… this is just morning, we have to set thing
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