The Disguised Elite

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The Disguised Elite

By: Renglassi OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Gerald losts everyone he loved to his enemies... He was beaten and treated like trash, even his wife spat over his face and divorced him while his child died, although this wasn't the unknown man's end as the universe gives him a system force which causes him to be a young master, and it becomes even more hotter accepts his inheritance being the heir of the richest incorporation in the world.


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42 chapters
Chapter 01
The evening sun began to rests as Gerald enters his rich families compound, excited to see his son.But all he gets is a shock!His eyes sees as his clothes and belongings were being destroyed and thrown outside.He suspected a robbery but the mansion he and his family occupied had too much security Available to protect his wife and son.Although by the look of things… It seems like a meeting was being held in his home, but destroying his properties was something he could not understand clearly till he reached."Why are you destroying my things?" Gerald asked as he looked at the security man who didn't speak a word to him."Pow!" He grabs one, slamming him to the ground before rooting the second and punching the third causing the men to fear."Are you mad! Who gave you the order to raid my things!?" Gerald fires at the injured man."Your wife gave the order!" The man answered before Gerald heard a loud cry from the house."I need my inhaler!" He heard faintly from the house before he
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Chapter 02
Gerald couldn't believe Barbra's behaviour.How could she humiliate and hurt him?Obviously a punch from him would have silenced her for good, but he held his pain."My mother warned me about marrying you but I disobeyed her and brought myself really down to make myself cheap to marry an ungrateful bastard like you! If not for your good looks and skin pleasure… I never really loved you.” She confesses to Gerald.“You are being so heartless, don't you even care about Nelson's life?” He added“Don't look at me with those eyes!” She warns.“You threw my things out Barbra, this has been your plan all along! you're a really wicked and heartless mother.” Gerald said without Caring about how she felt at all.He wanted it to hurt her! like he felt inside.“It seems like you don't know who you are insulting, I will make you suffer! how dare you say such nonsense to me!” She shouts before she spat over him and Gerald laughs in frustration."You deserve all the insults you got!” Gerald said as t
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Chapter 03
The hurtful words came for him again!"You have nobody.... Your foolish ancestors will be ashamed of the poverty father became... What an empty skull filthy poor fool." He heard Barbra's mother's voice insult him as he kept running through the streets."I made a mistake marrying a poor dirty rag like you! A toilet cleaner! A leech!" He heard Barbra's voice slamming left and right."We don't even know his true identity, this idiot seduced my daughter into marriage, he might even be an escaped criminal!" Barbara's family voices kept hurting his feelings as he ran!"He's a dog! disgusting fool!!""Dirty poverty stroked the beggar!""Confused Ingrate!"He recalled all the humiliation he went through.From the dragging of his tie like a dog out of their business area to the spits... Spat over his face."This isn't the first time children die." He heard Barbra's earliest words strike through him.He recalled all the times he would give Barbra his money for Nelson's treatment and realised th
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Chapter 04
The Audacity of Barbra thrilled him.She really wanted their marriage to be over even so he loved her so much."Barbra, I hope our agreement remains the same and that you will either get cash or borrow from your family to pay off for Nelson lung surgery." Gerald stated to her like it was a question."Sure Gerald, our child's life too is important." She said back to him and he signed the divorce."Here's your copy." She says giving him a document as she carried the rest about leaving.He could sense this betrayal from her every move but He did not want to believe that she could let her own son die now that he can't pay for it."And Yeah.... And you will have to leave this house too, It belongs to his family and I don't think they will want hoodlum in it." She says and smirks."What?" Gerald was shocked."Yeah I know... And that's not all, I won't be helping you get any money from his family too... Because he isn't just my son bruh, be the man you have always been, aren't you a man? Oh.
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Chapter 05
Gerald didn't want to give up on getting help from his wife as agreed, at least her family are rich enough to take care of Esters medical bill.He rushed upstairs showering before later getting a cab that would take him where he knew Barbra would be... In her family house.She was his last hope.Soon Gerald had arrived there to see many other cars parked in the huge compound as He began to wonder why it was rather odd than normal because the compound was never this crowded with luxurious cars like it is right now.He walked into the mansion from the front entrance of the mansion to see Barbra coming in from the back entrance of the building with different family members in the middle who were seated in the massive majestic looking parlour. In a few seconds... Shock runs through the entire room which makes them stay quiet.He could tell that today was their family reunion.And He felt a bit weird about it too."He really don't understand... Why is he here and for what?" Barbra's mum f
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Chapter 06
Gerald was heavily hurt to the core.They turned him down when he needed them to save his child the most."I'd leave, don't you all worry... One day, you will all regret your actions." Gerald said as he walked out of their house before He turned back seeing Damiel smiling as he looked at him wickedly and kind of achieved.Damiel and Barbra's Mum always wanted to ruin his marriage and now they feel so successful at last.It had become all about ruining him.They didn't even have mercy on sick little Nelson... Who was dying.His man guts just knew that their family weren't giving up easily and if they could let Nelson die... Then he should be ready for his life to be taken away too if Gerald were in that kind of situation too.He brought out his phone from his pocket and called the housekeeper."Housekeeper." He said as silence followed."Yes master Gerald, are you doing well?" The housekeeper asked back in return."You know what?..." "You won... I could not get help from my wife's fam
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Chapter 07
He couldn't hold the pains rushing through his chest, He really loved his son like it were his.And He didn't want anything bad to happen to him either, He was his everything.The room door opened and He looked to see Barbra and Mr. Damiel coming in."Barbra..." He said full of pain towards her."The blood matches." The doctor says bringing in a new sample."Who does it belong to?" He asked."Mr. Damiel." The doctor replies to him."Save Nelson then... Please." He begged as he walked out of the room watching little Nelson begin to struggle for life.He started jerking like he was struggling to breathe again all of a sudden and it got him so scared to lose him for anything."Nelson..." He cried as He watched him struggle till he stopped and the heart metre machine by Nelson's side stopped."Ahhh!" He cried more.He was breaking with heartbreak and the reality that He had lost his son."It can't be true, nurse, please tell him he's okay?" He asked as he rushed back into the room carryin
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Chapter 08
Even though Gerald was not really his true father... He still loved him so much because all he see was his son and no one else.The room's door gets opened and the housekeeper runs In, placing Gerald over his laps while he cried like a child over his laps."Gerald, young master, please cry no more, I know you are really hurt but you can pass through this phase and then we can ensure that whoever played with your life regrets it for the rest of their pathetic lives." He says using his handkerchief to clean off Gerald's rolling tears."Housekeeper, how would you feel to know that the only person you have ever really loved, died when you had all the money in the world to save him and still discover that he wasn't really your child... More like your wife is a golddigger who rejected you and refused to save her child as well because of a man for the same money that you had already available?" He said to the housekeeper turning his head to look as his face to see him crying too."Well young
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Chapter 09
Gerald soon faces Lina."Yes, we do sir, have no worries about your requirements, it's my specialty actually." She said with a smile and Gerald smiled evilly at her before they both turned to look at the housekeeper, and then all bursted into a hard harder."Hahahaha jeez that was wicked." Housekeeper commented laughing with his old looking face full of joy as he arranged himself back into other."No... Correction it's good." Gerald replied to him as He knew why He wanted them to suffer the embarrassment and harassment."It's for his son Nelson." He said to him as He signalled for both of them to leave.Gerald walked back to his bed.His son's spirit wants him to be happy but Gerald wanted him to understand wherever he was that he was really sorry for letting his oppressor press on his daddy so badly that he even ended up losing him too.He looked over the table to see that dinner was already served.He quickly finished up the meal and ate even the fruits so he could have a healing sl
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Chapter 10
Gerald had soon reached home.His Heart kept pacing on the fact that he almost got killed as a result of his identity being known but what worried him most was the fact that the voice in his head made him know that Mr. Decasto was the one responsible for the attack."I'm really sorry, I never knew clubs could go so south, you look cold." Bianca said in a soft tone as Gerald walked her to her room petting her nicely as she entered her room.He stood by her door holding his Gun as he tried to balance his thoughts while Bianca stayed in, changing up her clothes.He needed to know who Mr. Decasto is, despite the fact that he already knew his sons.Gerald needed to know him personally."Could it be that my ring beeping was as a result of my family member being attacked?" Gerald asked himself worriedly.He didn't want to care much about it since he felt like his father and family betrayed him in the past so helping them didn't sit right.He felt chills run through him.It seems like the out
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