Shorts #2

Truck-kun Shorts #2


Three major kingdoms in Yarth.

Capital Kingdom of Ygdrassil:

Originated on: 5th day of January, Year 205

First led by the first king: Chevogne Darouse Growell

Started off as a small village of humans, goblins and demi-humans. Grown by time, the village then became a city and currently a Capital Kingdom.

This kingdom is know as the most democratic kingdom. All races are treated equal, no special treatments. It is also the center of economy in Yarth.

It is called the Capital Kingdom of Ygdrassil named after the biggest tree that can be found in the Kingdom.

Hurtch Kingdom:

Originated on: 7th day of August, Year 566

First led by first king: Rovaros Vhon Hurtch

This is a kingdom where all races are treated equal. Behind the fact that the Kingdom is known as a hum

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