A new sect

While Bai Feng was finishing the cooking, the tribe's warriors had already left the continent and made their way to civilization.

They were able to travel quickly due to their high cultivation bases and to keep themselves hidden. They decided to hide their auras and don new clothes that they have made themselves accordingly to the other weaker travelers that they had spied upon.

That way they would be harder to recognize. And it would be easier for them to get their hands upon the information they needed.

That didn't mean there wasn't any danger involved if they took these steps, but they mitigated most of it.

However, if they were found out, things would go south really fast.

But for the food that Bai Feng had promised them, they would put their lives on the line.

Cultivators were high and mighty when it came to a lot of things, but their cultivation base was something they cared a lot about, and it was one of the few things that they

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