An easy choice

Rafiki thought for a few seconds. Then he glanced at his chieftain before saying:

"I'm not that informed about the subordinates of those two factions, we are quite isolated in this jungle, and we can't go to too heavily populated areas to gain information. Other Qi cultivators had heard about our tribe through rumors, and we are seen as pariah of society."

"Our knowledge about those two powers are not even up to date, but they are such big powers that even we can get some information about them through normal channels."

"I'm sorry, but I cannot give you the answer right now. Can you wait for some time, Chieftain?"

Bai Feng knew that they weren't wrong for not having information. That's how society troubled them. His sense of urgency was a little bit higher than before. But he couldn't lash out at his new subordinates? Could he?

Bai Feng sighed as he waved his hand and said:

"Just hurry, you know about my troubles, don't you?"

Rafiki n

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