A person that isn't that bad (Part 2)

Bai Feng needed to concentrate. Striking the same point repeatedly to break the wall in front of him while enduring the backlash from the formation was something that needed peak concentration.

One small bad movement during the continuous strikes would lead to his insides rupturing and being put out of commission long enough for his opponent to unleash his full strength.

Bai Feng's breathing became slow, very slow. His fists were placed around his torso area. And then, he clenched them.

He let out a long breath before his eyes turned as serious as they could become.

This was a do-or-die situation!


With a strong bellow, Bai Feng started to strike the wall at speeds so fast that the formation protecting the wall started to crack!

However, all of these attacks came with a price, and blood started to flow out of the corner of Bai Feng's mouth as the rebound hit him as quickly as he struck the wall.


Daoist Of Lies

1st chapter of the month, I'm back!

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