Breaking through and friends come back (Part 2)

That second of thinking about his friend's wellbeing broke Bai Feng's concentration.

His body started spasming as the wind infiltrated his inner organs and started clashing against the lightning explosions there.

The lightning explosions were getting stoked by the wind as they transformed into a storm inside Bai Feng's body.

Seeing the opening created in Bai Feng's defenses made all of the cutting wind enter his body in that nanosecond he thought about his friend's wellbeing.

The explosions and the wind mingled together as Bai Feng's ribcage exploded open, showing his heart, entrails, and regenerating organs to everyone who was still strong enough to watch what was happening, regardless of their weakening due to Bai Feng's aura.

Bai Feng couldn't die easily, even though his body was opened for everyone to see. Bai Feng gritted his teeth as he squeezed his muscle, making them harden in response.

The cutting power of the wind remained the same

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