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Bai Feng exhaled as he recalled and memorized the whole fight against Bahrelo properly in a few seconds before he started making his way back to the sect.

He didn't want to meet with any of the opportunity hunters from the other sects of the continent. Thus he sealed all of his strength and aura so he couldn't be sensed.

Fortunately, as long as he didn't let his aura out, Qi cultivators couldn't sense him at all.


Bai Feng sighed as he made his way back into his room, where Chen Lingxi was awaiting him with a smile on her face.

However, the smile slowly started to crumble As she made her way towards him.

Her bottom lip trembled as she asked:

"What's wrong?"

She could sense that something was bothering Bai Feng. It was obvious from the way his face looked.

Bai Feng knew that he had to explain to her sooner or later, Bai Mu wasn't around so he said:

"Can you call Bai Mu and everyone else? I have somethin

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