With one step into the grave

Bai Feng couldn't recognize left from right. His consciousness was continuously shaking as the frigid cold invaded each corner of his body.

Bai Feng looked ready to fall after Bahrelo just put his hand on him.

It was just as the rat-like person had said.

There were cells in his body that weren't under his control, which gave leeway to Bahrelo's Qi to paralyze Bai Feng's system before it could retaliate.

It was like having a traitor near you that left the door open for your enemies while feeding them vital information at the same time!

Bai Feng never found anything wrong with himself after he absorbed the Yin Qi blocks of ice that he had harvested at the ocean- back then.

However, it seemed like his searching wasn't thorough enough if those two infected cells had been able to hide and maintain themselves under the constant evolution and cultivation increases he had been undergoing.

One small mistake had led to this deadly situat

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