Master and disciples exploring the ways of cooking

Luo Gang got up from his seated position on the floor. And then he patted Bai Feng's shoulder after he put down the empty plate.

"Your cooking skills are exceptional, there are places for improvement, but I can say that you aren't that worse compared to Mo Pian."

"The way you put your fighting spirit in your slashes when you cook gives the dish a distinct taste that I cannot forget, but it seems you do not know how to inject your Qi into the dish to increase its flavor."

Bai Feng scratched the back of his head at those words and glanced at Mo Pian.

Mo Pian coughed and said:

"Master, you haven't heard about Bai Feng yet, did you?"

Luo Gang scratched his beard and shook his head when Bai Feng introduced himself was the first time he heard that name.

"It seems you have been secluding yourself too much, master. Bai Feng is the personal disciple of elder Ah Lam and a body cultivator. I don't think he will be able to use the technique you w

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