Mind calming attempts and casino visitor drop

Bai Feng could still feel somewhat exhausted mentally as he opened the door of his house and left. There was no information that Aura could help him with. Unfortunately, she had already expressed her concern for his situation, and she had no solution. Even though being a water spirit meant she was supposed to have purifying capabilities. Which should have helped with his mental exhaustion, but it seemed that her capabilities didn't reach that level of purification.

According to herself, she was pretty young at a spirit's age, and she didn't have enough time to mature and become stronger. Unfortunately, she didn't have any opportunities to get stronger as she was locked in that river for such a long time.

She felt rather bad that she couldn't help Bai Feng with his current issue, and she started to mull upon Mo Pian's words, thinking that she might encounter even more situations like this in the future.

Was he right? Aura stood in the jewel space, pondering if sh

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