The pill worth 3,000 GoGo coins and cooking

Bai Feng was quickly making his way back home. He stored the intricate box into his pouch, and he couldn't wait to use the pill inside to get rid of his headache.

Fortunately, there were no troubles, and he reached his house with no problems.

He quickly inserted the key into the keyhole of his door and entered before closing the door behind him.

Bai Feng sighed as he directly went to his bedroom and opened his pouch before placing it on his nightstand and taking out the intricate box that he got from Chitong.

He opened it slowly and inside of it. He saw it, the remedy to his headache.

It was a tiny blue-colored pill. That had an intricate design on its front part that depicted a phoenix ready to fly up into the skies, a fire was surrounding the phoenix, and it had its beak open. Seemingly trying to cry out how majestic it was.

The image was rather vivid, and Bai Feng could see a small introduction to the pill on the inside of the box's lid.<

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